Loving Lately

1. You guys.

This is why blogging is awesome. Posts like yesterday's are met with understanding, some good old fashioned girl power solidarity, and totally make my day. What further made my day was someone calling the mean judgy lunch ladies "hussies". I don't know how you're supposed to stay mad once you read that.

So thanks, really.

2. Awesome mail days

It seems like when I'm feeling my worst, the people I love really step up their game and I love them for it. Friends, husband, parents, I've got the best.

Yesterday's mail included three hilarious books from Steph, roses from Ryan, and these Anthropologie measuring cups from my mom. 

3. Meghan Trainor's whole album

Lips are Movin' is impossible not to sing along to at full blast in the car. If you haven't downloaded the whole darn thing yet, do it now. It's a total mood booster and I love her attitude. I got sucked into her YouTube channel last night watching all her song covers and it's safe to say she's my new fave for sure.

4. Monograms and Manicures

So this is two, but I'm still majorly digging my Madewell monogrammed wallet. It's super streamlined, simple, and classic. I went for a little bit of a different gel mani last week and the blush with gold tips is definitely doing it for me. 

5. Night time rituals with the little love.

Hand washing is a favorite activity over here and lately she's wanting to spend about 15 minutes before bed washing her hands. She uses lavender soap and by the time she's done, the whole bathroom smells like lavender until the morning, which makes me smile the next day when I first walk in there.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend!!


  1. Love it all!! That wallet, your nails and especially Liv's nightly ritual...these kids crack me up! I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. There's a little girl in my house that would love those Minnie jams!
    Beware that stool she's standing on, though. We have one, and my daughter loves to stand on it (it really is the perfect height), but it is very tippy! She was using it to wash her hands one night too, shifted her weight a bit to one side, and it tipped right out from under her. She hit her chin on the counter & bit through her tongue on both sides. =(

  3. Man, I wish Elyse loved washing her hands. She is actually afraid of the extra hard hand dryers that they have in some public restrooms now...and won't even attempt to wash her hands if they are in sight!

  4. Aww so cute that she wants to spend so long washing her hands! Love the song Lips are Movin' - will have to check out the entire album. :)


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