Loving Lately

1. Easy side braids

2. This cross body bag from Madewell that's en route to me! 

3. This little lady who burped in my face right as we snapped this pic.

4. Her funny little sense of style. Elsa wears Chucks right?

5. This weekend's Willow Crowns trunk show! Steph is coming to Houston and we're teaming up with Cuteheads and Macaron by Patisse to bring you an afternoon of champagne, macarons, and the cutest kids stuff around. We've been prepping like crazy, come see us!


Recent Beauty Finds

I'm a creature of habit in most every way. I get up and make the bed, every single day. I get a venti decaf skinny vanilla latte...every single day (except now because it's Lent and I'm feeling very uncomfortable, oh hey there OCD!). So when it comes to my makeup, I keep it the same. Every single day.

I don't often even shop for new makeup, but recently I felt like some items in my current line up just weren't cutting it for me so I've been on the hunt for the past few weeks and found some good stuff!

The primary issue lately has been my skin. I've had acne fore the majority of my life and adult acne seems to be here to stay. I've really liked the Paula's Choice Clear line for keeping my skin in line, but I'm still getting one or two breakouts every few days and the overall quality of my skin has been pretty poor. Dull, dry, flaky, bleh.

So after reading lots of reviews, I purchased and have been using the 4% BHA liquid exfoliant and love it. Initially I'd caution you to try it just once a week, but I'm now using it every couple of days and when I wake up in the morning it's like someone took a magic eraser to my face. It's helping with the cystic breakouts, it's fading acne scars and red marks, and just makes everything look so much smoother under makeup

I also bought the Skin Balancing Antioxidant Treatment with Retinol as the start of my anti aging regime. I'm not even 30 but I'd like to help my skin start aging gracefully and this had phenomenal reviews. This was also touted as a fantastic makeup primer and I'd have to agree - it's awesome. The texture is silky, thin, and applies beautifully. Fingers crossed it keeps the wrinkles at bay!

Since I'm covering up acne scars and the occasional breakout, I like a full coverage foundation. I was really loving the Kat Von D for a while because it's coverage like whoa (goodbye red spots) but I wasn't super happy with how it looked as the day wore on. It started flaking over dry spots, settling into some fine lines, and just overall not looking awesome. While I still love it as a spot concealer, I'm newly obsessed with the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation. It stays all day long, doesn't settle or flake at all, and the coverage? It's not as heavy duty as the Kat Von D at first blush, but it's super buildable so I'm loving it.

I'm wearing number 30 in this foundation and highly, highly recommend giving it a try.

I loved this foundation, but it wasn't until I tried it with the Becca Perfecting Brush that I was blown away. I've had this brush forever, but had a hard time getting it super clean so had stopped using it. After I found this brush cleaner (and it blew my mind, seriously) the brush was super super clean and I thought I'd give it a go with the new foundation. Whoa.

Skin like I've never seen. I need to take a photo to show you all. Cue an awkward selfie from me coming soon.

I've been using the Honest body oil on Liv for a couple weeks and after using it on my elbows here and there, I'm hooked. Smells great, not greasy, absorbs super fast. Done, done, and done.

 Back to my foundation issues.

I was having lots of creasing and just general awfulness going on with my under eye area as well and decided that maybe a heavy duty concealer wasn't the way to go. After a few nights with the Paula's Choice serum, the bags seemed to shrink and I felt like a brightener would be enough. Enter the Benefit Ooh La Lift product.

Super thin and not cakey at all, it's the perfect undereye pick me up for nights when I hear Liv kicking her feet against the wall from 2-3 a.m.

I got the Naked On the Run palette for Christmas and I love everything in it, seriously. Nothing I would want to give up. Not only does it contain my favorite mascara, but the blush is my new favorite and the shadows are just my style - creamy neutrals. Next time I travel, this and some foundation are all I'll need to take with me.

What are you loving for products lately?!

Weekend Photos

Hey, Ladies!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend and got rested up for the week ahead! I'm going to leave a few pics of our weekend not-craziness for your viewing pleasure and then hit the hay. Let me tell you that having a kiddo who hasn't napped is equally as exhausting for the parents! 

Road tripping for a fun afternoon to the Woodlands - new bedding for the nugget, new shoes for me, and some books (including my childhood fave). 

Olivia mastered climbing out of her crib last week and rather than risk a face plant and broken nose, we've switched to a toddler bed. Sigh. So I swung by Target, grabbed the first toddler bed I could find, took about an hour to assemble it and there we were.

I could have waited about 5 more years for this, but oh well. She's doing great at night, but boycotting naps like it's her job. Tips? I'll take 'em!

(p.s. I didn't link the patterned pillows or initials on the wall, those are DIY and all the supplies came from Hobby Lobby!)

Make Way for Ducklings is one of my favorite childhood books. I had an autographed copy as a little kid (the author came into my mom's office and she ran down the street to get a copy for him to sign) and Robert McCloskey wrote some great books (with gorgeous illustrations) about Maine (like Blueberries for Saland New England. Since Olivia was born in Boston and Make Way for Ducklings takes place in the Boston Common, I knew it was one I wanted to add to her collection. Stuck is illustrated by Oliver Jeffers who illustrates some of our other favorites like The Day the Crayons Quit so I grabbed that too.

I always replenish our flowers on Saturdays and between the hydrangeas and this photo, I got Spring fever and I got it bad. It's cold (for Texas) for the next ten days or so and I'm already ready to bust out shorts and tank tops, so hurry up, Spring!

Have an awesome week!

Loving Lately

1. Toddler topknots. Like always.

boots | shirt | pants (both pants and shirt are from Target!)

Liv has a major cowlick at the back of her head and sometimes the only way to tame it is to throw it in a bun. Plus it's so fun to watch it bounce when she runs.

2. Wrap tops

This top is an old favorite from Old Navy (that is now on major sale) that I broke out the other day when it was a little warmer and it reminded me how much I love these things. Flattering even on bloated days and pulled together but casual.

3. Starbucks iced lattes at home.

It's like the universe said "here Megan, this is for you".

4. Monogrammed pillowcases.

It's a sickness, I can't stop the monogram madness. These Target covers are price perfect and the yellow is a nice addition of a color we don't have a lot of.

5. Matching the mini.

I 'grammed this a while ago, but I'm a repeat offender. My favorite monogrammed converse from Crystal Faye get worn at least 4 times a week so I thought that Liv should have a pair. I got these from Zappos (man I love sites that ship fast) and we're living in them.

Have a great weekend!

On the Rack

We've had a few new developments over here the past couple days. In addition to colds/allergies/whatever it is kicking our butts, Liv has mastered getting in and out of her crib. Looks like it's time for a toddler bed. Yikes.

Anyway, I snapped some photos of what's on my garment rack this week and while the temperature keeps messing with us (76 one day and 46 another), I've got my sights set on Spring and the garment rack is reflecting that.

First is the spotted Old Navy dress I was raving about a couple days ago. Super flattering, easy to dress up or down, and going to be a go-to for me all Spring.

I'm still loving my Blair Ritchey market tote for casual outings and I've thrown an ancient navy blue satchel bag from TJ Maxx back into the mix when I'm not hauling around my favorite Madewell tote. It's great for dinners out when I don't need to carry as much stuff. This is a great similar option.

New to the rotation, going clockwise: Old Navy sweater, Pomp and Circumstance Tunic, Target boho top, Pomp and Circumstance Piko Tee.

Apparently I'm on a blue and white kick, which isn't surprising at all. I'm loving the open weave sweater the most, honestly. It's lightweight for warmer days and a couple nights ago I threw it on over a chambray button down with black flats and black skinny jeans for dinner out. 

As for the tunic and tee, Pomp and Circumstance boutique is a new find (in Houston if you're local!) and I've been super happy with all my purchases so far! The piko tee is crazy soft, super stretchy, and perfect with jeans and flats (like everything I own) for a casual outfit. The tunic will be worn on repeat, guaranteed, with white skinnies and gold sandals. Don't be surprised.

The white boho top from Target was a random find and I'm a sucker for a blouse. I sized up on this to get a super flawy feel and love it with my favorite dark denim. 

My Converse and a couple pairs of Revas are still sitting comfortably on the shoe rack, but I've ditched the booties and pulled some nude wedge sandals out to see the light of day for the warmer times. 

Fingers crossed it warms up the rest of this week, so I can break out these Springy goodies again!

Weekend Photos and a Valentine's Exchange!

Ryan's parents arrived on Friday and we've been enjoying their company as well as the free babysitting! Ryan and I had so much time just the two of us this weekend that it felt like dating again...only we weren't poor and our conversations were less "after you finish grad school..." and more "this kid is going to kill us, but isn't she great?". 

I had a lady date Saturday and topped that off with margaritas and tacos with my Valentine. Liv scooted around the neighborhood until her grandparents collapsed and we all took it easy on Sunday.

Jamie and I went to brunch and then shopping, where I grabbed some new cereal bowls at Anthropologie (4 for $20!) and they were serving up champagne and cupcakes. Hells yes.

dress | shoes | old bag

As a side note, this printed dress from Old Navy was a recent find and I got loads of compliments on it when I wore it. It's perfect for wearing with wedges (like I did for brunch) but perfectly casual with flats (which I changed into for shopping). Their whole site is on sale now, so it's a great time to grab this one!

And a nerd note on the shoes - they're the exact shoes Kate Middleton wears all the time and they're flipping half off. They're called the Pied a Terre Imperia wedge, they're crazy comfortable, go with everything, and are pretty limited for size and color so don't wait!

I kept them on and switched to jeans and a comfy piko top for my super fancy Valentine's dinner since they allow my stomach to expand as needed. Priorities.

Sundays I have a nice little routine of coffee, getting fresh flowers, getting a mani or pedi if I feel like I need one, and then being super lazy. It's Sunday bun-day or nothing at all.

Ryan and I also got out for crepes Sunday morning which was a nice treat and then we spent a low key afternoon with Liv while his parents explored Houston.

Last week we did a great Valentine's card exchange with some of our favorite blogger friends and Olivia not only loved making the cards, but now she's obsessed with snail mail like her mother. We'd make daily runs down the road to our mailbox and she'd have a little card waiting each day, which she thought was about the coolest thing ever. You can see the cards we made below, as well as the ones our friends sent us!

Thanks, everyone for the sweet snail mail!

Meghan & Noah @ The Adventure Starts Here
Elizabeth & Mason @ Chasin' Mason 
Tawnya & Scarlett @ All of Life's Little Adventures
Ashley & Waverly @ Words About Waverly
Megan & Olivia @ Willow Way
Sara, Mac & Mim @ Running from the Law
Laureen, Tyson & Harper @ Chateau Deveau
Tara, Declan & Calem @ A Tale of Four Maples

Loving Lately

1. You guys.

This is why blogging is awesome. Posts like yesterday's are met with understanding, some good old fashioned girl power solidarity, and totally make my day. What further made my day was someone calling the mean judgy lunch ladies "hussies". I don't know how you're supposed to stay mad once you read that.

So thanks, really.

2. Awesome mail days

It seems like when I'm feeling my worst, the people I love really step up their game and I love them for it. Friends, husband, parents, I've got the best.

Yesterday's mail included three hilarious books from Steph, roses from Ryan, and these Anthropologie measuring cups from my mom. 

3. Meghan Trainor's whole album

Lips are Movin' is impossible not to sing along to at full blast in the car. If you haven't downloaded the whole darn thing yet, do it now. It's a total mood booster and I love her attitude. I got sucked into her YouTube channel last night watching all her song covers and it's safe to say she's my new fave for sure.

4. Monograms and Manicures

So this is two, but I'm still majorly digging my Madewell monogrammed wallet. It's super streamlined, simple, and classic. I went for a little bit of a different gel mani last week and the blush with gold tips is definitely doing it for me. 

5. Night time rituals with the little love.

Hand washing is a favorite activity over here and lately she's wanting to spend about 15 minutes before bed washing her hands. She uses lavender soap and by the time she's done, the whole bathroom smells like lavender until the morning, which makes me smile the next day when I first walk in there.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend!!


They say you should never go to bed angry.

I don't agree with "them", because I usually have it more together after giving whatever I'm mad about a night to simmer, but I do think someone should say "never blog angry". Because then you get posts like this.

Ok, ok, I've simmered down, but I'm still not happy and I'm about to get up on my toddler mom high horse, so watch out.

I think people (and by people, I mean all four of my friends) tend to fall into one of two camps. 

1. Tough baby, easy toddler.
2. Easy baby, toddler from hell.

Guess which camp I've pitched my tent in?

2, baby. All the way.

I love my daughter, I love my daughter, I love my daughter. 

I want you to remember this as I go on and you start thinking someone should call CPS. It's also my daily mantra when I find myself wanting to just leave her in the grocery store and run all the way home.

So yesterday.

We met up with Kristy and Charlotte for lunch. Charlotte sat in her little highchair and ate her quesadilla and was just your normal, delightful toddler. A couple of fists in the guacamole, and dragging her doll through some salsa, but no big deal.

Olivia shrieked like a howler monkey, wriggled up and down and up and down from her booster seat (highchairs are just toddler rocket launchers in her opinion) and threw rice, ate absolutely nothing at all, and then shrieked some more. 

She was pretty terrible, but not terrible enough to get up and leave a la last Saturday's milk throwing incident. Just terrible enough to try and turn it into a teachable moment and attempt some parenting consistency while everyone around you starts hating you.

Can I digress for a minute and just say how amazing it is how quickly you'll lower your standards for what's "terrible"?  My child has to hurt someone (besides me) or cause a spill that needs more than 10 baby wipes to clean in order for me to classify an incident as "terrible".

Anyway, when we got up to leave, she really lost it. Feet stamping, high pitched scream, the whole nine yards minus a full body fling to the floor, which would come later, just outside the restaurant.

Then it happened.

This big table of ladies on a lunch break caught my eye. Why did they catch my eye? Because they were talking about me. Talking about my kid. Giving me the stinkiest stink eye you've ever seen and rolling their eyes at one another. 

You think I can't hear you?

I'm a mom.

I can hear a roll of toilet paper hitting open water from a mile away, of course I can hear you talking smack. 

You're thinking I shouldn't bring my kid to a crowded restaurant if she can't behave. You're thinking I should have left about 4 screams ago. You're thinking that your kid never did that or if you're childless (which I'm guessing you are) that you'll never let your child behave that way.

Well I think you suck.

You suck for talking about/eye rolling at me and for getting to eat your whole lunch uninterrupted. 

Not you guys, you guys all rock.

I made it to the car after Olivia almost dislocated her own shoulder about 7 times by pulling the "I'm going to go all limp" move, and then I cried hot angry tears. 

I was so pissed. 

Pissed at my kid for being so rotten yet again, at those women for judging me, and at myself for caring what they think. Pissed that everyone else's toddler (and trust me, rational Megan knows this isn't true) seems to be easier than mine. 

Pissed that my mom sends me links to books called "Parenting the Spirited Child" (and I'm not really pissed at you, mom, I love you) because everyone and their brother knows what a flipping handful Olivia is.

Kid, I love you, but there are times I've wanted to flush myself down an airplane lavatory just to get away from you. Then I usually come pick you up when you're asleep and cuddle you because I miss you. Did I mention that I think "motherhood"is just a synonym for bipolar?

There are lots of types of parenting. Helicopter, Attachment, Permissive, etc. I fall into the Survivalist category. My friend Jenny likes to say that parenting is all about survival. And that's why she's my friend.

She's not going to roll her eyes or gossip about me while my kid melts down. She won't judge when I let Olivia have a giant chocolate covered rice krispie treat on a stick because I have to get this Target errand done (because her MDO teacher just told me yesterday she needs to have 12 Valentine's for tomorrow). I mean, we all have our standards, but "spirited" children like O will drive me to do things I'm not always super proud of. So I need friends who will send me photos of their vomit covered duvets (thanks, Steph!) to make me feel better about what their kids are putting them through or tell me it's ok that I turned up my Beyonce loud enough to cover the screams that have been persisting for an hour because the sock is on the wrong foot

Now I know this isn't the first rant I've gone on about tough toddler moments, or "omg parenting is so hard guyssss", but this had to get written today, if for no one but myself. So there it is. Those judgy women at lunch wrote this post for you today. 

So thank those sanctimonious, pearl clutching meanies for today's rant. 

Tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly (yet to be) scheduled programing. You know, selfies, starbucks, Target, and all the important things. My sanity will also be back, along with the concession that I've got it super easy, and that I should probably calm myself when it comes to the whining.

And that's why you should never blog mad.

The 'Gram

If you've followed here for any length of time, you already know I'm a tiny bit addicted to Instagram. One of the reasons I love blogs is the inspiration (and aspirational) photos, and Instagram is just chock full of those bad boys. Staged or candid, funny or no caption at all, I love to scroll through and satisfy my nosy need for a peek into other people's lives. I try not to post too too many times a day and spam all of you, but I just love it.

Instagram is Willow Crowns' only source of advertising really, it's how we connect with customers, advertise sales, and check in on the babes and mamas wearing our stuff! As a mom, it's how I find cool new kids clothes, products, or snack ideas. As a wannabe fashion blogger it's how I find cute new boutiques, looks, and beauty products. The love runs deep, ladies.

So in honor of my love of the 'gram, I'm sharing some of my favorite accounts to follow. I'm sure that at least half of these ladies have zero clue I exist, but that's ok, just sharing the love over here today!

Let's go clockwise.

If someone else has a little blonde named Olivia, I'm likely to follow along, especially when their feed is as crisp, happy, and appealing as @kristygirl. For your daily dose of twin cuteness, and the occasional Willow Crowns shot (no, I have no shame), @some.kind.of.wonderful is a must follow.

Pregnant lady, pilates instructor, and all around fabulous @meganquint has me hooked with her killer style, and @_sarahtucker has her gorgeous feed full of her killer fashion sense, amazing travel, and cut bump photos. By the way, I like to follow the pregnant ladies so I can live vicariously through their adorable and seemingly stretch mark free pregnancies :) 

and p.s. if you aren't following on Instagram, you can find me here, overgramming on the regular.

The Big Playroom Post

Well, it finally happened.

One room in our house is FINISHED.

It's the playroom, womp womp,  but our master isn't far behind. So cross your fingers that we'll get two rooms completed by the time we hit two years in this house!

To celebrate, I thought I'd do a roundup of my favorite things in the playroom, both for toys and furniture/decor. 90% of these things can be found on Amazon (which is where I'll link to) because I like instant gratification in the form of free 2 day shipping, what can I say?

Maybe the best thing we did in regard to the playroom was gate it off. This room was intended as a formal dining room, which we knew we'd never use. The first few days we lived here we put her in there with a few gates so I could keep an eye on her while I unpacked the first level of the house and it ended up just working perfectly as a playroom. The two gates we use are from Amazon and the short one can be found here, and the long one here. The long one is my favorite because you can add and remove sections to customize the length. Ours is anchored into one side of the wall and it's safe to say it will be staying up for quite a while longer.

We swapped the light fixture out recently for this one from IKEA and other than that, didn't have to do a lot of cosmetic work. The room was a nice neutral when we moved in and we love the plantation shutters, so we kept everything else as is!

My first favorite thing is the newest addition, the bookshelf/storage unit we got shortly after Christmas. My mother bought one for the playroom at her house and I loved it so much, I ordered it the second we got back to Texas. The shelves hold tons of books and toys and the bins are really deep, perfect for bigger toys and dress up. Ryan's in the process of building a dress up rack for her 
room, so some of this fluffy stuff will be relocated, but it all fits perfectly in here.

Another piece that I added sometime last Spring was our old IKEA coffee table from when we were living in Boston. I painted it white, added some baskets and a roll of paper, and it's a craft/puzzle table. It's the perfect height for her and being able to cram all the random crayons, coloring books, and chalk into some discreet baskets is a plus. 

Speaking of baskets, I really love these baskets from Target to store blocks, legos, stuffed animals, and all of the miscellaneous toddler debris. 

The teepee is something we got as a Christmas gift last year, and it's just recently that she's started to show an interest in it. She'll crawl in and camp out with her little stuffed animals or lay down and pretend to nap. It's from Tip Top Teepee Shop on Etsy and the quality is fantastic.

The only adult concession in the room is the little chair and pouf in the corner. After sitting on the floor for hours, I said no more and picked this little thing up at IKEA. I love that the covers zip off all the cushions so I can wash the yogurt smear off of them and it's part of a sectional that we can build as she gets older and there are fewer toys in the room. The pouf is from Target and a nice little landing pad for Liv when she falls off the couch.

Now that the big stuff is covered, let's talk toys.

The Kid Kraft kitchen was a birthday gift hit and they have some really cute Melissa and Doug play food/utensils/whatever that I'm gradually procuring. Also Melissa and Doug is the cleaning set and mailbox. She loves to play "mail" since she gets so much practice with me on a daily basis.

Another Melissa and Doug (I know, I know) is the puzzle rack. I has having a hard time keeping the puzzles contained without losing pieces in the bottom of a bin, so this totally does the trick.

I'm currently loving this garland from Sweet Cuts Shoppe and plan on keeping it up even after Valentine's Day.

A little hook for some dress up is great for displaying cute little princess dresses and I love these gem shaped crayons that we keep on the table. They're cute, easy to grip, and really affordable.

Liv spends hours a day in the playroom, so it's been a priority to get it done, have it well stocked with fun stuff, and I can't tell you how glad I am we have it. We also keep a small tv and an Apple Tv in her playroom, so it's not uncommon to switch on Daniel Tiger once the witching hour arrives. 

So there you go! I hope I've linked everything and answered questions everyone's had about where things are from!
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