Weekend Photos

If I had to guess, tomorrow's going to be the kind of Monday that makes me wish it was still Sunday.

 Don't know why, maybe it's just a pessimistic feeling in my gut, but I've got chocolate croissants out thawing to help us ease the transition. That should help my gut feel better.

After nearly a week straight of cold, rainy weather, the sun came out and we couldn't get outside fast enough. I took my best girl out to breakfast Friday morning and then spent some time picking away at all the organizational projects I've half started around the house. I really should work on the pantry, but getting my jewelry set up was way more fun.

A friend of ours was so sweet to come over Friday night and watch Liv so we could have a much needed (and much enjoyed) date night.

We did our best to sleep in on Saturday morning, stayed in our jammies all day, and worked on stuff around the house.

Ryan finished the French doors for his office (just don't look inside) and now all we need is some trim around the doors and the baseboards and the exterior will be done! Nothing like being able to close the doors to an unfinished room and pretend the mess isn't there, right?

This office renovation has been a lengthy project, with Ryan doing bits and pieces in his very limited spare time, but I'm so proud of all his work! The office used to be wide open, like the playroom and he's brought the walls down (doing all the drywall and mudding himself), framed in the doors, painting and installing them, and those cabinets you see on the wall? He made those. Now he's working on building some floor to ceiling bookshelves, a desk, and entertainment unit. So, there's the weekly brag on my man and his super skills.

On Sunday we met Veronika and Harper for lunch and a teeny tiny bit of shopping...as much as I dare attempt with a toddler anyway. The gorgeous weather continued throughout the weekend and we took advantage of the 70 degree weather to eat outside at my fave lunch spot and then hit Anthropologie for some new books for Liv and some candles (volcano is my fave) for me.

Anthropologie is one of the only stores I'll attempt to shop in with Liv (despite all the breakables) because she loves it. She grabs a new book, settles onto the couch, and lets me quickly browse the sale section.

She chose the book Gaston and I picked out Anne of Green Gables to add to her collection for when she's older. I have a stash of all my favorite books  (Little Women, The Secret Garden, etc.) to give her when she's older. My mom used to surprise me after a tough day at school, or nasty dental appointment with a new book and I'm excited to do the same with Liv. I couldn't turn down this gorgeous copy, the cover is just like art!

Finally, let's talk about what I wore all weekend. The same. damn. thing.

I should really learn to mix it up, but I like what I like and I'm realizing that I basically wore the same thing each day.

Same pair of jeans (favorite, perfectly distressed pair from Target!), some variation on a loose, neutral sweater (wore the same one twice) and either these fantastic wedges or my favorite Tory Burch Flats.

I threw a scarf in one day to mix things up, but in general, same old, same old. I don't know if I'm just lazy, or I like the routine, but I the simplicity of grabbing a comfy pair of jeans, flattering top, and simple accessories just feels good. Is it just me? I know I should probably at least start buying tops in different colors. Big problems, guys. Big ones.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Haha First world problems for sure, but I do the same thing, I just love neutrals. I need to start wearing colour more though. I love those turquoise Kendra Scott earrings! xo Hope your Monday turns out to be better than you anticipate it to be... and if all else fails at least you have some chocolate croissants to indulge in ;)

  2. I have a closet full of clothes and yet I do the same thing too! I tend to wear a lot of black but I love the cream on you! And I'm super impressed with your husband's skills! My husband is only as handy as putting ikea furniture together ;)

  3. I grabbed that copy of Ann of Green Gables from Anthro a few months ago to sit in Sadie's room...couldn't resist that gorgeous cover! (FYI, Amazon has all of them for a few bucks less than Anthro's prices, which is where I'll be buying the rest of them!) I totally feel ya on wearing some variation of basically the same thing, over and over again. Mine, like yours, is dark skinny jeans and then usually leather boots and a simple tee or a cute button-up. I like to go really crazy and layer a tank underneath them too ;-)

  4. How awesome is your husband! That's so amazing. And I just love those books - how special! :)

  5. Love me some Anthropologie. I just told my husband if he ever doesn't know what to get me and Anthro outfit will suffice. I mean if it's a total fail I will just exchange it for something I like! Love the Voluspa candle in the scent Paper Crane. You should give it a whiff!


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