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In a surprising twist, we worked around the house and ate out this weekend...oh wait, what? That's the same thing we do every weekend? Oh yeah.

I kind of love our weekend routine, though. We usually manage to hit just the right balance of relaxing, eating too much, and getting stuff done. Ryan's work schedule this week was in-sane. He had lots of catch up to do after two weeks off, which though totally worth it (his words) left us flying solo for most of the week. When Friday rolls around I get this excited feeling like I'm a kid and it's the half day before school vacation. I know he'll be home before 8 and that we'll get to hang out all weekend. So I was a little bummed when he had to work Saturday morning, but he managed to come home by lunch and we watched the Patriots WIN!

Let me back up a smidge though, and walk you through Friday. I know if I don't....nothing will change really, but I've got pics so I'm gonna throw them up here!

Friday morning was all pedis and a trip to Target.

It rained all day so in the afternoon we caught up on Daniel Tiger and met a friend for lunch.

Liv is super in to dressing herself lately, so the doctor's bag comes with us everywhere and even though you can't see it in this photo, she has a pair of bloomers on over her pants. So chic.

On Sunday we did a lot of work around the house. Ryan painted the French doors he installed to his office...we expect that project to finish up in 2025, so any progress is enough for celebration around here. 

I finished what I'm not calling "Liv's Command Center" and the girl is totally ready to start Mother's Day Out this week. I'm a little anxious about it, but I'm hoping she's going to love it.

We hit up IKEA the minute it opened. I knew it was going to be all kinds of crazy so I wanted to get in and out and we did well. We bought the Hemnes dresser with mirror for our master bedroom, Ryan got an office chair, and I stocked up on more (yes, more) Ribba frames. I just can't turn down a gallery wall, so I'll hopefully have something fun to share with you soon!

We stopped at our fave BBQ joint for lunch on the way home and in the spirit of trying to cut back on waffle fries, I got the lean brisket with my absolute favorite 3 bean salad.

This place is pretty neat. It's all picnic tables, serve your own pickles, and wax paper for plates. So fancy and so, so delicious.

This dresser.....let me tell you. Took me about 3 hours to put together, but man is that thing sturdy. Ryan mounted the mirror and Olivia hung out near  the doorway, supervising the entire time. Nosy Rosie.



I'm considering this a huge improvement and giving myself a swift pat on the back for assembling it myself. The best part? My yoga pants have a drawer all to themselves now.



  1. we have that same dresser for Ellie's room and we love it! We switched out the knobs to some pretty clear ones for her. If we have another baby soon we plan on getting the same dresser again. There's so much room and it's super sturdy! Love the mirror above it!

  2. That dresser looks really great in your space! I can't wait till the day Kaitlyn is patient enough to sit for a pedi and NOT touch the wet paint. Olivia looks so cute!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  3. LOVE the B, wherever did you find it?

  4. My brother got to go to the Patriots game... Freezing but so exciting! I love that she's dressing herself! So is Noah but all that means is he picks which graphic tee to wear... Jake (and the never land pirates), curious George, or a digger lol. Love the new dresser and mirror! You are giving me motivation to organize the top of my dresser, I'm horrible with making piles on any flat surface!

  5. That seems like a very productive weekend! I need that mirror! I love the way your new dresser space looks!


  6. Love the dresser update!! Your styling is on point...so naturally it makes me want to update our room too haha ;)

  7. Hope you post about the MDO experience. We are starting soon and I'm a little anxious as well. Love the dresser update!

  8. Please share with us your BBQ restaurant!

  9. Love that dresser! Olivia is just the cutest! :)

  10. OMG Olivia's Command Center is so incredibly cute!! What a great idea!
    Love her little outfits too - especially that one with the vest and beanie :) xx


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