Sunday Evenings

I think Sunday evenings get a bad rap. Everyone hates them because its' the end of the weekend, the cusp of a new work week and not many people like to see them come rolling around. I kind of love them though.

Once we've fed and bathed the toddler tyrant (who has been so sweet lately that I'm wondering what little plan she's hatching up in her crib), I settle her in my bed with the iPad and her milk and start my little Sunday ritual.

I pick up the playroom, the living room, and the kitchen (basically the downstairs rooms), make a batch of these super quick for the week, wipe down all the counters, make myself some tea, and then go camp out with Liv.

She watches "mimmi moo" (that's Minnie Mouse in case you don't happen to be fluent in toddler), and I crack open the 'ol laptop for some blogging, online shopping, and at 8 Ryan comes in. We turn off the lights, snuggle her in between the two of us, and say our "I Love You"s before he takes her up to her bed. Then the lights come back on, the laptop comes back out, and I'm back at the internet with a fresh cup of tea. 

While it's certainly not glamorous (color yourself shocked), I love it. I wake up on Monday morning and my house is clean, there's something ready to toss Olivia's way for breakfast, and I'm ready to tackle the week. 

So tonight I'm shopping these sheets for Liv's room ($12 with the coupon code GIFT20, what?!), refilling my favorite lip product of all time, and sipping this sweet cinnamon tea.  Not too shabby.

How are you spending your Sunday evening?


  1. I'm the same way about starting my Monday off right with straitening up Sunday evening. I'm spending my Sunday evening surfing the web and blogging of course.

  2. I used to hate Sunday nights when I was working as an accountant. Now I don't mind them at all!

  3. This sounds perfect!!! I love waking up to a clean house!!!

  4. i feel that sundays go way too fast! we are usually out grocery shopping and shopping and either wasting time or enjoying the weather. By the time we get home, it's usually 3-4pm.... then we scramble to put stuff away. play. and then make dinner and any meals ahead of time for the week (ie; egg fritata, etc...) i've said in the past that i want to do all my grocery shopping on SAT.... so Sundays aren't spent like that.... but it's YET to happen. HAPPY MONDAY!

  5. I feel you...when I can sit down and relax after the house is all picked up, gives me the best feeling :) Nothing like a great routine!


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