Loving Two

I've never been the person who says "this age is my favorite" at each new stage. Quite the opposite, actually. I've always been super sad about her getting older (the newborn stage was my absolute favorite, sleepless nights and all) and we've had some tough times that my newbie parent self wasn't prepared for and didn't always handle well.

Months 17-24 were hard for me. I can't place the blame for that on any one thing, but it could have been the travel, Ryan's schedule, her age, where I was at personally, or all of them combined, but I didn't really love that stage. 

I had lots and lots of mom guilt about not having very much fun with my kid, about not being appreciative about getting to be home with her full time, blah, blah, blah. I was a total weenie about it, and that's the truth. I was so frustrated (as was she) by her desire for autonomy coupled with her inability to communicate as effectively as she and I both wanted her to. 

Long story short, I really didn't love that stage and wondered if I'd always feel that way and if I'd just have to get better at dealing with the whining, crying, tantrums, frustration, etc. I think the answer is, yes, I do have to increase my threshold for all of those things because that's a big part of parenting, but lately, things are better.

People say two isn't the worst age and to brace yourself for three, so I'm going to go ahead and say it : I love this age.

I'm going to relish this time as much as I can. She can finally tell me what she wants, she hugs and kisses all day long, she can be bargained with or bought in an emergency (blue lollipops don't fail me now), and she's just about old enough to understand (and sometimes execute) appropriate behavior for different situations. Like how it's ok to strip naked at home, but not the grocery store. 

Nose picking? Well, we're still working on that one.

Not so coincidentally is the fact that she just started Mother's Day Out two days a week, so I'm sure that isn't hurting my patience levels these days, but I can honestly say that so far (a whopping 7 weeks in) two is great.

Since I'm feeling so cheery about this time in her life, I figured it wasn't a bad time to share some favorites for this age.


If I tag these Hunter boots one more time you'll all stop reading, right?

I know it's a blogger cliche, but this kid loves her some rain boots. I think that she likes being able to put them on by herself, and I love that I can just say "go grab your boots" and she's ready to leave. Honestly, I don't even think they need to be of the Hunter variety for her to love them, any rain boot would do, so do yourself a favor and make sure your toddler has a pair of wellies.


Kiddo is loving her Kid Kraft kitchen, any kind of dress up (especially these shoes) and coloring. I love, love, love these crayons because they're tough to break and they're easy for little hands to hold.


She's majorly digging the two piece style PJs lately and I find myself washing the same pair over and over and over. It might be time to break down and buy a couple more pairs, like these.


I made these Oatmeal energy balls from a Pinterest recipe recently and they have been a total hit. Her classroom at school is nut free, so I substituted Sun Butter for peanut butter so she could take them in her lunch and she can't get enough. Since she's a wannabe vegetarian (literally, no meat, ever, she hates it) I'm psyched to get some protein in her with the flaxseed, and they're on the go perfection and stupidly easy to make.

So that's where I'm at with the "terrible twos" these days. I'm hoping to bottle this fun time and crack it open during potty training, public meltdowns, and the terrible threes everyone keeps warning me about.


  1. Yeah I've been liking this age too so far. Olivia is so cute in her dress up outfits!

  2. Excellent! just what i needed. Im 7 weeks, 3 days into 2 and I agree. I love the Mama's and kisses and hugs!! and being able to understand a bride definitely helps! I definitely have more patience than my husband when the tantrums/meltdowns happen.... but parenting is what it is. Hard work. and we learn as we go!

  3. I really want to try those energy bites! They looks really good. Do you have any other quick go-to recipes?

  4. Aww... this post is so hopeful and inspiring (mine's 22 months). I'm trying enjoy all of this age and phase, whining and all. Time is so fleeting, and even though I really loved the newborn phase as well, this one will also be gone in a flash!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv


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