Loving Lately

Hey there!

Well, we're through the first work week after vacation and we're all still alive, though Ryan has slits for eyes. We're planning a low key weekend with the Patriots game tomorrow (Go Pats!) and maybe a quick IKEA trip on Sunday to pick up the new dresser. Other than that? Sweatpants, my friends. Sweatpants and snacks.

Before I fully commit myself to a weekend of sloth-ing, though, here's what I'm loving lately, for both the little lady and myself.

1. Monogrammed Sneaks

I'm not much of a sneakers person, but I couldn't resist these monogrammed Converse. They're super comfy and make running after a busy toddler a snap. 

2. Liv's Backpack and Lunchbox

I posted on instagram yesterday that Liv is starting Mother's Day Out next week which was the perfect excuse to get her a little backpack and lunchbox

Liv's not loved sitting and reading lately, but I've been trying to find books that hold her interest and, ironically, this one does the trick. It's a super fun read and even though there aren't any pictures, she loves it.

4. Ear Jackets

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to jewelry and edgy, I am not. I saw these little babies at Target over a month ago, though and have been trying them out. They're small and subtle enough to stay within my comfort zone but are fun and different. There's tons of pairs out there, but I really love these (and the price can't be beat). 

5. Monograms (duh)

Two of my favorite gifts I've ever received are the Madewell Transport Tote and Wallet and I completed my monogram obsession set with the keyring. I don't know why I can't seem to stop monogramming things, but surely there's a cessation group for this, right?

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Oh girl, I am OBSESSED with monogramming and all things K since we got married in 2013! So I am loving the keychain and the shoes! I have always loved the look of capris or shorts with those shoes, but I never know if I can really pull it off.

  2. Love the shoes & good luck at Mothers Day out!!!! Xo

  3. Love love the Converse and earrings! Looking forward to hearing about Mother's Day Out.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv


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