Getting It Done

There's something about the New Year, right? 

That whole first week of January I find myself unusually motivated to compulsively purge every closet, cupboard, and drawer and organize them far beyond my usual level of neurotic. I'm pounding water bottles left and right (as per my resolution to drink more of it), and filling trash bags with reckless abandon. It's quite a sight, trust me.

So I've got a few projects lined up for around the house, and I'm pretty excited about them in an overzealous way only I could be. 

First up is a new dresser. Granted this isn't an organization project, but our tall, thin dresser is just not cutting it anymore, despite purge after purge, so next weekend Ryan and I (and our favorite little sidekick) are going to trek to IKEA for the Hemnes Dresser. I'm pretty pumped up about it. Following in the footsteps of many a blogger and Pinterest lover, we'll replace the knobs, just not sure with what yet.

Our current setup.

Once we have a long, low dresser as opposed to a tall, thin dresser, I'll want to change the photo situation on the wall. Does this sound like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie yet? So I'm cooking up some ideas for that and welcome yours as well.

p.s. those new shoes on the pouf might be the exact same shoes you see here, and I'm nerdily and pathetically excited to wear them this Spring.

I've already purged the fridge, freezer, our cupboards, and the front hall closet and have my eye on the pantry next. I need some serious organizational ideas for that bad boy so I'll be trolling Pinterest like a crazy.

I've got some new storage furniture coming for Liv's playroom in the hopes that it will contain her perpetually overflowing bins of dress up, puzzles, and gawd knows what else. My mother got this for their playroom in Maine and I loved it so much I ordered it.

Here's the before and after:

I was able to get rid of the set of cubes and her small bookshelf once we added this so we have one less piece of furniture in the playroom, which makes it feel less cluttered. 

I'm working on a little family organizational wall to the side of the kitchen - here's what I've got so far.

tote | calendar | shelf (similar)

Not much, but it's a start. Next up are the closet and pantry.

I'm confident I'll run out of steam about halfway through these projects, so keep me motivated - what are you all working on for New Year's projects??


  1. Hi - would you share where you got the new bookshelf for the playroom? We currently have the same IKEA set up in our playroom and it's overflowing as I type. Thanks!!

  2. You go girl!!! Love some good New Year cleaning! I keep dreaming about emptying out some items from my closet, but haven't done it yet. Maybe today {sigh}. Can't wait to see what you do with the new dresser!!! Good luck.

  3. You've been busy! The kitchen pantry, cupboards, and fridge are on my list too! The extra water I've been chugging though has made for many potty breaks lol! Really bites into my organization time!

  4. love it!!! thanks for the motivation! I have the ikea hemnes dresser (the long one in white) - i love it! i've had it for years~ and it's still going strong! i also have the 2 matching nightstands. i somewhat purged the pantry..just haven't "organized it yet" with new bins but all in due time~

  5. Oh no! Now you have me wanting to start cleaning EVERYTHING out and having it all neat and tidy! I love what you have done so far though!

  6. I have so so sooo many house projects I plan to tackle this year! My next project is to finish painting...I hate to paint but only one room is left!

  7. Love that organization cubby for the playroom! We are looking at a new home with a HUGE playroom and your playroom is totally my inspiration!! I may have to look into that cubby, it looks awesome for storage!

  8. I am in the same boat mama, cannot stop organizing! Love your plans!

  9. You are speaking my language with all of this organization! If only I had the energy to do it! We piled everything from the nursery closet into one hall closet and the garage... I feel like a hoarder. Love that new shelving unit for the playroom!!

  10. My link for the bookshelf for the playroom isn't working - would you please let me know where you got it? Thanks!

  11. I have two versions on the Hemnes dresser and you will love how deep the drawers are!! For the one in Presley's nursery I replaced the knobs with ring pulls and I love it - much different look than knobs. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  12. Seriously can't stop organizing. Front room, freezer, and fridge so far. I'm overwhelmed at even the thought of organizing the playroom though. Love the 'command station' too! :)

  13. These kinds of projects make me happy! I love doing them and seeing them going on for other people! Have fun with it! Everything looks great, I love that dresser you're going to get at IKEA, I've been eyeing it for years now, and that little shelving unit for the play room is so perfect!


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