Functional Favorites

As much as I'd like to think my life is shampoo commercial fabulous (you know, great outfit, bouncy, glossy hair blowing in the breeze, and no bags under my eyes), the reality of the situation is a little different. Great? Yes, but glamorous? Nope.

In reality I might have found the perfect pair of distressed denim, but they probably have a green paint splotch on them and the sleek little purse I'd like to be carrying around wouldn't even accommodate all my target coupons and chapsticks, let alone all the toddler crap I haul around on a daily basis.

So today's post is all about functionality. Favorites that keep things chic (ish) while still being realistic for a toddler mom. 

Let's do it.

1. Hats.

dramatic story telling at its finest

I have some pretty fab hats (mostly for the beach) but they don't all translate into real life very well. This one from Target, though, passes the real mom test. I found it through Steph and it's making bad hair days easier. You know the days. The days where you went to bed with it wet and while the ends curled just fine, the roots look all kinky and weird.

2 & 3. Sneakers and Scarves

Yes I'm posting about the monogrammed Converse again. Sorry not sorry.

They just rock. I used to have a very firm anti sneakers with jeans policy and would only wear flats (a wannabe snob if you will) but these are easier to run in and I get compliments like crazy on them. You can snag them here if you're interested.

As for scarves, they're dual purpose. They keep me warm/finish my outfit, but they also hide spills/stains/whatever has managed to make its way onto my shirt between breakfast and walking out the door. I could stop and change but we're probably already running 10 minutes late, and taking something out of the dryer and ironing it (since it's been hanging out in there for 4 days) isn't high on my list of priorities. I've blogged this Aerie scarf before, but I'm gonna do it again. It's big and awesome.

My love for my Madewell Transport Tote knows no bounds, it's true. But when it's raining, leather isn't ideal, duh. Since it's rained for a week straight around here, I've been loving this easy (super soft) canvas tote. It's super budget friendly, holds a ton of toddler junk, and again, so. many. compliments.

5. Chapstick

Lipstick? Yeah, sometimes, but it usually just gets all over my coffee cup and Olivia's nose and then I wonder if she whacked her face again or if I kissed her. I have probably half a dozen of these rolling around between my totes and the drawer of my nightstand and they're the bomb.

They're super moisturizing and can pack a little bit of color if that's your thang. 

I know some of these have been mentioned a dozen times on here, but that's how you know they're really good, right? 

So now it's almost Friday which means the weekend (and also means date night!!) so I hope you all have an awesome start to your weekend. See you Monday!


  1. Loving that tote & the fact that I'm not the only one who puts the clothes in the dryer on "dewrinkle" 500 times before actually getting around to sorting them. I'm so with you and over the rain too. ;)

  2. Hats definitely scare me. I always feel like the world is staring at me when I wear one. But you totally rock it! And I heart that scarf!

  3. More hats are on my shopping list. And I love the tip about scarves hiding stains. Why had I not thought of that yet? lol. And yes those sneakers seem really great!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  4. I wish I had your closet! Love all your outfits.


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