Frequent Flyers

No, not actual flying. We're frequent flyers at the Starbucks drive thru.

And the post office.

And Target.

And the grocery store. 

You see where I'm going with this?

Essentially, we're as basic as they come. Imagine that I'm writing this to you with a Starbucks cup in hand, trendy throw blanket from Target on the bed, and a perfectly manicured hand on the keyboard. As my sister likes to say "#poselikeablogger "

Ok, so back to my story.

It was a two drive thru day yesterday. Little Miss boycotted her nap and my instructions to "lay quietly with the iPad for a quiet rest for one hour" fell on deaf toddler ears.

Naptime, this ain't.

So, caffeine. 

I had hoped that my drive thru appearance that morning had been sufficiently haggard to prevent the same barista from recognizing me that afternoon when I was properly dry shampooed, concealer-ed, and curled, but no dice. 

"Twice today?! Wow..."

Ok, lady. That's enough judgement. I'll take my $16 coffee and go now.

Then as we pulled into the driveway we greeted the UPS man (one of my favorite people to see, by the way because I just love getting packages), and when I said "thanks so much!" he said "I'm sure I'll see you tomorrow!".

Ok, fine. We get a lot of packages. 

They're mostly for Willow Crowns. I don't have an Amazon Prime addiction. 

Absolutely not.

So what's the point of this other than to reiterate our basic tendencies, bore you out of your mind, and cause you to judge my spending? 

Well, I think it wouldn't kill us to mix things up. We go to the same crepe place every Friday morning (although no way in hell am I changing that, it's too delicious), the same Starbucks each morning, frequent the same play date locations, parks, we even walk the same route to the pond to feed the fish every time. We could probably use a change of scenery, just for our own interests, and also to avoid the judgement from our barista and UPS man.

Just saying.

By the way, want to know what got delivered yesterday?

These sheets. I washed them immediately and popped them on her crib because I freaking love them. They were $12 on sale, and I'm pretty sure she's never going to let me change them. All I heard last night was "BED!" "PINK!" "HAWTS!!"

And I swear to you, if she doesn't nap tomorrow, I'm going to wrap her in the pink heart sheets, burrito newborn style, and drive to the Starbucks all the way across town until she falls asleep. How's that for changing things up?


  1. I need those pink sheets for Scarlett's bed!! LOVE!

  2. Cute sheets! Yeah we definitely have a routine over here too!

  3. I think I will buy these sheets. They will look great in my daughter's new room!

  4. Hahaha, your last sentence definitely made me laugh out loud. Drive to Mexico if you have to girl!

  5. I was just thinking to myself this morning we do the same things every week and trying to think of ways to change it up :) love the sheets

  6. There's nothing wrong w/being a creature of habit!!!!! but it's nice to change things up a bit every now and then. judge away people, judge away.

    i think i want those sheets for my bed!

  7. Off topic -- but would you mind doing a post on Boston? We are heading there soon for the first time and need help figuring out what's good! Especially. eating-out-wise

  8. A good routine is always nice. Yours sounds especially fun -you get out of the house, you get good coffee, you frequently get packages in the mail... how is there anything bad in that? Love it. And that last sentence, I died. I do hope she sleeps for you and takes a nice loooong nap. Those no nap days are no good.

  9. Those sheets are SUPER cute!!

    I feel ya on the places you frequent thing. Why not do a morning at the library for a chance in pace? We enjoy that. And Chick-Fil-A lunches, either in the resto or picking up to take home for a picnic on the floor (or outside if it's warm enough, which Dallas was 80 yesterday!!). I will change up the grocery store I go to sometimes, which is always nice when you find new foods to try. Trader Joe's is somewhere I'd like to go more often. I challenge you to find a different park you haven't been to yet, select one cool place (like a museum or aquarium or something) for a play date-field trip for the month of February and do a book-and-craft combo every other week for some new art Liv can display in her play room! :) That's my two cents from your resident quad momma. Haha.

    To get you started, here's a cute cookie craft we did that the kids loved and it was super easy:

  10. there's nothing better than pbk sheets!! That's all my little ones have slept on and ive never had better quality sheets for all the washing those poor things have been through!! And youre not the only one that has a pretty same routine every day!! Don't feel bad!



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