A Week of Wear

What's that you say?

You've seen enough professional photos and great outfits today and you'd like to see some mediocre selfies of my stay at home uniform?

I'm here to oblige.

Honestly, I love seeing what other people wear, especially other moms. It doesn't have to be high end, super stylish, or fancy at all, I just like to see, I'm nosy like that. So in the event that you too like looking at other average, every day outfits, here's what I wore this week.


For grocery shopping, a post office run, and lots of house cleaning I picked a loose neutral sweater, favorite dark jeans, and my favorite Tory Burch flats. I hardly ever swap out my Madwell tote, but this Blair Ritchey Market Tote is always worth the swap!

denim | sweater (old) | flats | tote


Tuesday's outfit was ideal for a busy day. I dropped Liv off at Mother's Day Out, ran to the post office  (like every day), took a Pilates class, and spent the rest of the day in the studio/picking up Liv/back in the studio while she napped. I highly, highly recommend this yoga top from Nordstrom Rack and you know how obsessed I am with my monogrammed Converse!


I swapped back to the Transport Tote for lunch, a playdate, and more WC time on Wednesday. The vest is just the green version of the J Crew Factory vest above and I love both of them, I wear them constantly. Dark denim and another loose sweater. I'm a one trick pony.


The weather on Thursday was awful. It poured rain, the wind was howling and we really just wanted to hunker down and stay inside, but we managed to get ourselves out of the house. Not much to say about this outfit for Mother's Day Out drop off and Pilates. It's just a giant black t-shirt (the best, though) the leggings I linked from Tuesday and a big scarf and boots to stay warm. We ended up spending the rest of the day inside painting, putting stickers on every darn surface, and perfecting our new scream. Awesome.


Friday mornings Liv and I always go for crepes and then hit Target. We followed that up with a playdate, some lunch, and then a big 'ol nap (for her, though I could have gone for one as well). I tackled about six loads of laundry (so so glam) and cleaned our the fridge to try and get us set of rate weekend. Ryan made it home in time for us all to go out to dinner for some BBQ baked potatoes the size of my head, making me glad these jeans had some stretch in them. They're my go to pair when I want a casual, slightly distressed look.


I had the strangest, most vivid dreams that kept me up all night long Friday night so I was wiped when Saturday rolled around. I literally climbed out of bed and into this outfit sans makeup or hair brushing to run errands, finish laundry, and hang out with my people. I wear this sweater (in three different colors) constantly and love how it can be dressed up or down.


Sunday I got a quick polish change, worked on some food prep for the week, and changed into some gym clothes later in the day for a yard work marathon. Ryan got a new power washer and we put that bad boy to the test and I raked until I got blisters, so obviously an outfit change happened somewhere along the line, but it was too sweaty and gross to bother documenting. You're welcome.

Same sweater as above (again, I have like 5 pieces of clothing I just rotate, because I'm super fancy), same jeans, and same flats. Oh yeah, same bag. 

As you can see (and if you made it this far, I'm majorly impressed) there's not a lot of variety to my daily wardrobe - it's a lot of swapping around staples with the occasional scarf thrown in to mix it up. To be honest, it wasn't much different when I worked outside the home. I had a couple pairs of dress pants I loved, and I'd rotate them with low heels or flats and my favorite blouses. I like what I like, right?

Ok, I've tortured you enough, you're free to go look at better, prettier things. Until tomorrow...


  1. Love your style, it's so similar to what I wear, nothing glamorous but still put together ;) I only wish I didn't have to layer in the winter as much as I do! seeing your outfits make me want to buy more oversized jersey t's and sweaters!

    PS I'm nosey too and love seeing what others are wearing ;)

  2. I'm nosy too and love seeing what other moms wear! I've been slacking lately and wearing way too many yoga pants and leggings! I need to start wearing my pretty scarves more but it's been so cold that I just end up wearing a sweater and huge puffy coat all the time! Maybe I can be stylish again this spring ;)

  3. Love the style. it's not boring. looks put together! that's how i am Sat-Sun, outside of my M-F dress wardrobe. and there's nothing wrong with be "interested", not Nosey. Otherwise, im nosey too!

  4. Love it all! Those scarfs though...adorable..I think I need to step it up in the scarf department.

  5. Thanks for posting! Your sweater lead me to find the similar sweater at H&M I've been looking for since I bought it! So thank you! Love your blog :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Love all your outfits, especially your monogrammed sneakers! I also love seeing what other moms are wearing! Oh, and by the way, strange & vivid dreams were one of my strongest 'symptoms' with each one of my pregnancies…just sayin' :)

  8. I absolutely loved this post!!!!

  9. you have great style. i literally go from my work scrubs to my pj's almost daily. no glam for this girl. but i do love to look at pretty clothes and see what other are wearing!!


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