Positive in 2016

Do you know how hard it is to write a New Year's post?

I started writing this about a dozen times and each effort sucked, so just hang in there with me. 

2015 was....interesting. If I think hard enough and remember the first 3/4 of the year, I remember lots of really good things. 2015 was the year WC grew exponentially, that I worked hard on my relationships and myself, that Olivia got even more spunky and awesome, that we found an amazing babysitter to help us fit in more date nights, and that I actually learned to cook a few things. It was also the year we miscarried and that crushing sadness has dominated a lot of the last few months. My D&C was incomplete which kicked off a painful October, followed by a November of illness from being so run down. December has been the first month that things have felt somewhat back to normal and I'm looking forward to the continuation of that feeling. 

So instead of making resolutions to give up caffeine or sugar (too delicious and satisfying to ever consider), I'm resolving to be more positive in 2016.  This may be the year we welcome a new baby into our family and it may not. I'm working on being ok with that and staying positive about all the wonderful parts of our lives. I'm resolving to stop focusing on the negatives and to start seeing the silver linings and happy moments that are everywhere. 

So in the spirit of kicking off the New Year on a positive note, I thought I'd share some photos from this past year that highlight all the positives of 2015, because it really was a good year.

On the work front, from left to right:

Kicking off the new year with a WC photo shoot, marking the beginning of a huge upswing in our content quality, images on the sight, and overall aesthetic of the brand.

Getting featured on Vera Wang's instagram (our collab headband with Cuteheads was shot during a showing of her newest collection) and our first trunk show at Macaron by Patisse.

A collaboration of prints featuring our philosophies on topknots and bows with All Things Pretty, getting featured by Kardashian Kids, and a fun night as one of Tidbits "It Girls of Houston". 

Another photo shoot and bestie time in Maine with Steph, getting blown away launch after launch with your orders, and wrapping up the year with a pop up at West Elm. 

On the personal front: 

Frequent travel including trips to Maine, New Hampshire, and Disney World. My sister's amazing wedding, Olivia's third birthday, loads of quality time with my girl, and a fantastic holiday season with my loved ones. Not pictured is Ryan's move to a new position at his company. He's working less, liking his job more, and we're all loving that.

Looking back at these photos was a really powerful (and necessary) reminder how many great things happened this year. In fact, I think we'll be hard pressed to top it this year but we'll certainly try.

Happy 2016 to all of you...thanks for reading here, hanging in with me, sending me your support, and just being fabulous!


A Merry Maine Christmas

Greetings, friends!

We're busy getting ready to hop on a 7 am flight tomorrow morning but we had the best trip home to Maine! Getting there was a little bit of a process in the form two delays, two cancelled flights, and ultimately flying in Manchester, New Hampshire to drive to my sister's house in York at 1 am. Then driving three hours in the morning to get to our hometown and waiting for two days for bags that were stranded in Boston. Yikes.

BUT! So worth it!


In the past we've stayed for two weeks, but cut it down to a week this time so we'd have some vacation time as a family in our own house at the end of this week. I was a little worried we'd feel rushed or it would go too quickly but it ended up being the perfect length trip. I'm not sure how many more Christmases we'll be celebrating in Maine (it would be nice for our kids to celebrate in their own home at some point) so I was especially soaking up our time there this year. 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!


My Favorite Things: Sale Edition!

Greetings from Maine! I hope you all had the most amazing holiday season and are ready to roll on into the New Year! We're enjoying our time with family so, so much and are soaking in our last couple of days before we head on back to Texas.

Now I do my fair share of shopping regardless of the time of year, but there are some killer sales after Christmas and a lot of my favorite things are on sale right now! Since I love a good deal, I thought I'd share some of the sales in case you've had your eye anything I've posted recently!

Target Poncho - 20% off with code EXTRA20

Anthropologie Blouse - $30 off, no code necessary plus an extra 25% off with code TAGTIME

Lou and Grey Tunic - 50% off with code HOLIDAY50
Hunter Boots - 40% off, no code necessary

Old Navy Sweater (size up!) - $17 off, no code necessary
AG Jeans - $85 off, no code necessary
Resting Bitch Face - free

Old Navy Tunic - $10 off plus an extra 30% off with code ENJOY

Anthropologie Blouse - $38 off, no code necessary plus an extra 25% off with code TAGTIME

Old Navy Boyfriend Shirt - $10 plus an extra 30% off with code ENJOY

These are all favorites lately and I can vouch for their comfort, versatility, and butt covering qualities. Happy shopping!

Small Business Series: Willow Crowns Pop Up at West Elm

Our long awaited pop up at West Elm in Highland Village was this past Saturday and we had a total blast! Steph flew in on Friday night and we met up with some local blogger friends for a fun Tex Mex dinner, a few margaritas, and lots of chit chat. 

On Saturday we hit the road with about 400 pieces of inventory including some new, exclusive pieces  and started working! Meredith from Cake and Confetti lent a stylish hand to help us with the display and set up, Aille from Snapshots and My Thoughts  stopped in to take some fantastic photos, and we got to meet a lot of our amazing Instagram followers and customers, as well as catch up with local friends.

Despite being such a big city, it feels like we're part of a really tight knit group of creatives and I'm always left with the warm fuzzies after this kind of event. West Elm was beyond accommodating and wonderful to work with and I never get tired of making connections with other wonderful women in the community.

Enough talk though! On to the photos!

We're always wiped after these events, but we moved right on to brainstorming for Spring collections and throwing around ideas for the next pop up! Thanks to everyone who turned out to see us and happy holidays to all of you!

Under the Tree for Under One Hundred: Toddler Girls

Today's gift guide is all about toddler girls! I have literally no experience with gift giving for boys, but Steph has a great gift guide for little guys up on her blog here if you need some inspiration! 

Since Olivia has a birthday just a few weeks before Christmas, it can get a little crazy around here gift wise, so I try to keep her Christmas gifts affordable and reasonable in quantity. These gifts all total about $100 and we own some variation on all of them (or will be receiving them for Christmas) and they are big, big hits!

The tea set is hands down our favorite right now and the little wooden cups and their tea bags are super cute.  A little wooden camera as a substitute for my DSLR (which she always wants to lug around, eek!) and some puzzles are great ways to kill an afternoon (or ten minutes, whatever) and the wand and wings are a really great, affordable addition to your dress up box. 

This being said, I still need to get the rest of my packages over to UPS to ship them to Maine in time for Christmas! I contemplated packing them, but I'm going to be pushing the 50lb bag limit as it is, so I'm trying not to make this situation worse!

Around the House

How is it halfway through December already?? It's been a whirlwind couple months over here, with lots of fun little moments to mentally file away. 

Olivia turned three, complete with a fun, tacky party place for all her little friends to celebrate at! It met my two requirements of 1. easy 2. no clean up. and our local grocery store had the sweetest cake in the window display that she just had to have!

Since my little lady has been getting up at 4 am a lot lately (why?!), we've been staying in pi's for many mornings with hopes of a 9 am nap and some tea parties to pass the time.

We got her this little tea set for her birthday and she's pretty obsessed with it.

We've done the requisite holiday traditions (and enjoyed them immensely) like decorating sugar cookies, driving/walking around to look at lights, and I'm desperate for more places to hide stocking stuffers. I need to ship them off to Maine but Liv has been stumbling on boxes of princess bandaids and magic wands every day for the past two weeks. I'm officially a terrible gift hider.

Finally, prep for our West Elm pop up shop this Saturday has been in full force! If you're in the Houston area, stop by the West Elm at Highland Village from 12-5 on the 19th...we've got make your own clip sets, new embellished headbands, and lots of other goodies we can't wait for you to see. I'm not mad about the best friend time that's going to be happening either.

Under the Tree for Under a Hundred : Mom

Seriously? A gift guide?

Well, yes.

But it's for you. And it's under $100!

My husband and parents always ask me what I want for Christmas and I tend to have a hard time handing over a list because I don't really need anything, and "hair that washes and styles itself" is a hard gift to deliver on. We also tend to spend a lot on travel each year so gifting on a budget is always on my mind. So I put together a list of things I already own and love that are under $100 total that I'd happily receive again!

Let's start with the important things. Coffee. 

Specifically, things to drink your coffee out of. I have an extensive collection of mugs and one of my favorites is this popular monogram Anthropologie mug. At less than $10 it's an adorable gift that's sure to please! Last year when my sister was newly engaged, I gave her a set of 4 with her new last initial to kick off her new kitchen collection and she loved them.

Something I and (I assume) every mom wants is to look rested and like she's got her act together. My favorite ways to do that? Kick ass concealer and a great hat. This First Aid Beauty under eye concealer is the biggest ticket item on my list and for good reason. It's a miracle worker. I keep mine in the fridge for a little extra cooling power, it covers up the purple in the inner corners of my eyes, and deflates any puffiness immediately. 

The proof? Here's an unedited little before and after for ya.

Maybe you're thinking concealer would be an insulting gift? Not for me, I'll take it all.

As for the hat? I love, love, love a hat and a floppy hat is a wardrobe staple if you ask me. It takes a bad hair day and makes it look decent which is critical for a rushed morning drop off, or hectic travel day. This version from Old Navy is on sale for a bargain $14 and the heather gray color will go with just about anything. 

One thing I really believe every mom would love is a dainty, personalized necklace. Mine is from Mia and Mac on Etsy , has Olivia's first initial on it and I've worn it almost every day for the past three years. These are widely available, super affordable, and buying one is a great way to support a small business owner! 

Finally, let's discuss (again) my love for the bluetooth SD card. The 8gb version is just $10 on Amazon. Just download the Flashair app on your phone and you can pop those adorable Christmas photos from your DSLR onto your phone in under a minute. I asked for a couple more of these in my stocking this year because I use it so. much. and would love to have a backup or two. 

So what do you think? Any of these you wouldn't mind receiving?

A Week of Wear

You guessed it. I'm back with another week's worth of stellar selfies and suburban mom style to toss your way!

For: Coffee with a friend, running errands, and some work meetings while Liv was at MDO. I had major wardrobe indecision this day. The morning was really cool and foggy but cleared and warmed up to 75  by lunch, so I ditched the boots and scarf and tossed on flats later.

Favorite Piece: This Old Navy swing dress! It's available in a bunch of colors/patterns at Old Navy right now, it's incredibly comfy, and easy to style and accessorize. See the spastic weather changes described above? This dress is perfect for that kind of scenario since I don't like to change clothes mid day because I am never as on top of the laundry situation as I'd like to be, so I try not to make things worse.

Hat | AG Denim | Old H&M Sweater | Similar Flats

For: The park, playing with the kiddo, grocery shopping.
Favorite Piece: These jeans are new and I l-o-v-e them, ladies. These were a splurge during the wee morning hours of Black Friday after launching our buffalo plaid collection. It was something like 2 am, I couldn't go back to sleep and these were marked down to $115. Still a lot of money for jeans, but I've been on the hunt for a distressed pair of "investment denim". I love my dark skinnies from J Brand (they genuinely hold up better than other cheaper brands I've owned as well as hold me in better), and a friend highly recommended these AG Stevie Ankle Jeans. As soon as I saw they were marked down, I snagged them and have been wearing them nonstop since they got here! 

p.s. these run a tad small, so size up. Either that, or I tried them on a few days post-Thanksgiving and that was a bad idea.

For: Cleaning (because the background is just woof), meeting friends at a festival of lights parade, putting out our Christmas lights.

Favorite Piece: The Lou and Grey tunic was a totally random find while perusing Loft and it is hands down the most comfortable piece of clothing in my rotation at the moment. I'm wearing a medium and it covers my tush, praise Jesus. The color is this gorgeous soft aqua and I'll probably add the gray version to my ever changing wish list.

For: Breakfast with my people, taking the kiddo to school, and getting some WC stuff done!

Favorite Piece: Jeans. Again. Want to sleep in them. 

Old Sweatshirt | Shoes | Yoga Crops | Vest

For: Cleaning bathrooms (gross but necessary), grocery store (I practically live there), and a playdate with friends.

Favorite Piece: This J Crew Factory vest came home with me last year and I still wear it all the time. It's just the right weight for a Texas winter and goes with almost anything!

One week I'll shock you all with some ball gown or sparkly heel....but it's not this week! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Feeling Festive

As we cruise top speed towards Christmas, we're busier than ever. There's shopping of course (which I'm more or less calling done), cards to send, a pop up shop to prep for, but most importantly, time to spend with loved ones and memories to make. 

One particular memory from this season was a sweet, sweet moment I was sharing with Liv. Just as I was about to mentally file it under "top ten mom moments I've ever had", she sneezed right in my face. Which pretty much shot that moment straight to the top five. So that's the kind of stuff we're loving right now, with a hearty helping of holiday music, cocoa, and a winter hat collection that's completely inappropriate for Texas weather. 

So here's a look at what we've been up to!

pajamas | tea set (her fave birthday gift that was so affordable!)

We're taking walks around the neighborhood every night to look at at the lights, we've gone to a holiday parade, have plans to decorate ice cream cone trees with friends, delivered homemade peppermint bark to neighbors, and have learned that our picky toddler will eat fruit again if you put it on top of something Santa themed. 

While every minute of the day isn't all sugar, songs, and holiday cheer, we've really been enjoying this time of year more than ever. Olivia really gets the idea of holidays and seasons for the first time so we've been taking full advantage of that.

Hope you're all having holiday fun with the ones you love! 
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