Our Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and even though I'm a little sad that it's over, I'm happy to be back blogging again (hopefully a little more regularly!). It was so nice to take this past week to just relax, spend time with our families in Maine, and celebrate Olivia's third (!!) Christmas. We have just under a week left in Maine and we'll be busy soaking up all the family time we can.

Our Christmas is always busy, fitting in my family, Ryan's family, and both my sets of grandparents, but I'll be sad when the day comes that we have fewer trips to make, so no complaints over here. Olivia was a champ over the course of a long day (the risk for major meltdowns was a real and present danger) and was surprisingly uninterested in gifts or opening them. She averaged about a package per hour and we finally just called time on opening gifts and did it for her.

Here's a few snaps from our day (man, that new nifty fifty lens is the bomb) and I'll be back soon with some more details about our time in Maine!

My sister, Liv, and I sported our matching Target jammies, and Liv might have stolen Santa's cookies and milk. She's not even a little bit sorry.

While at my in laws Liv went down for a nap and Ryan, my brother in law, and I started a heated game of Monopoly. Jason made a risky real estate move that screwed us both and Ryan's still riding his smug Monopoly winning high. It might take me until next Christmas to recover.

It was unusually warm for Maine and absolutely gorgeous, so we spent lots of time running around outside and putting those rain boots to good use in all the mud.

Hope your holiday was everything you wanted and that you're not feeling the post Christmas blues too badly! I was feeling a little sad it was all over, but it's nothing a quick episode of the Mindy Project (my newest obsession thanks to Steph) can't fix!



  1. That's great you had a wonderful Christmas and that Olivia did so well! Noah was the opposite and was all about opening the gifts, even helped the adults open theirs! Enjoy the rest of your time in Maine!

  2. The pictures of Liv at the tree and on the tricycle are adorable!! Glad you had a Merry Christmas, and enjoy Maine!

  3. Love my nifty fifty lens! I hardly ever take it off the camera!

  4. You've got to love a busy Christmas! I have no idea what the nifty fifty lens is, I'll have to check it out! One person in my family recommended we play monopoly, my hubby and I quickly bowed out. We almost got a divorce the last time we played. He said I am an "evil dictator tyrant" and we can't play it together anymore. :(

    Aspen Kelty Marie

  5. Gorgeous photos! That lens is already paying off! Love the last one of Olivia and her new bike!


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