Holiday Fun

I have to admit that it absolutely has not registered with me that Christmas is one week away. The lack of snow and cold weather here in Texas is still throwing me and I'm so far behind on my shopping it's pathetic. But I've made some strides this week in terms of getting in the spirit and I'm excited to have some festive things to share with you today!

I have a few decorations up in the house and we participated in a super fun blogger gift exchange with some other fun ladies this week, so let's get into that!

 I don't usually put too many things up for Christmas since we're not actually here for Christmas Day, but a few simple decorations go a long way around here and it's been fun to turn on our Christmas Pandora and show off our horrible dance moves.

I moved our stockings from the mantel to the bookshelves with a little toddler noggin in mind and made the pom garlands with some hobby lobby poms, a needle, and white thread - so easy!

I snagged this IKEA wall hanging last year and it's the only tree we've got this year - it's perfect for the playroom and we don't have to water it.

I know this may not count as decor, but I love a flannel sheet set in the winter and these snowflake ones are just really tickling my fancy.

I left up some of Olivia's birthday party decorations since they were red and therefore Christmassy, and also because I've been too lazy to take them down.

For the gift exchange Olivia received a Doc McStuffins doctor set from Meghan and Noah which she immediately cracked open and has been rocking ever since. The doctor bag came to lunch with us yesterday, because accessories are important dontcha know.

Thanks, Meghan and Noah!

I hope you're all loving the season as much as we are and have lots of fun things planned for the next week!



  1. Oh I'm so glad she liked the medial kit! And that tree decal is perfect since you travel at christmas!

  2. Such a fun gift, Scarlett got that one from her Grampy and Grammy for her birthday and it's a big hit! She loves looking in our eyes and ears haha. Love all of your decor.. makes me really want a playroom!!!

  3. your little touches are perfection. and that doc kit is amazing! it sparkles!!! thank you guys so so much for lex's gift! she's obsessed. straight up obsessed!

  4. Awe, how fun! We don't do a ton of decorating either, Foster just loves to pull it all down!

    Aspen Kelty Marie

  5. I love that christmas tree print! It looks so real and is perfect in her playroom!

  6. That ikea print is adorable! I love your decor. It is simple, yet pretty! xo


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