December Camera Roll Pics

We're approaching the tail end of our trip home to Maine already and are headed to Boston Friday night so we can get up early to fly from there to Houston on Saturday morning. So these last few days we'll be cramming in a few last minute visits with family, a work day or two with Steph (have to take advantage of days when we're in the same state!), and then trying to pack as many gifts as we can and then shipping the rest! Olivia will think it's Christmas all over again when we get home and all her gifts get delivered by the Fed Ex guy!

Before we head back to Houston though, I thought I'd share some photos that have been kicking around my camera roll this month. Some are photos from my Canon that I've edited in VSCO Cam (my fave editing app) and some are from my iPhone.

Practicing juggling two while Steph and G were in town. I think I need a little more practice.

A little snap from O's second birthday party.

My new office setup. It's slowly coming together and I'm psyched to have a dedicated office computer. The coffee print is from here and the Olivia illustration from here.

Borrowed from Instagram, but boy do I love a clean house before vacation.

Selfies while we sleep, because duh.

Watching her Papa coach basketball - she totally got into the game, clapping and eating popcorn along with everyone else.

She's newly in love with painting and always says "paint, paint, paint" while she does so.

One of my favorite parts of being home is Sunday Target and Starbucks runs with my mom and sister. We used to go every single week together before Emily and I moved away and I still think of them every time I go to Target, even when I'm by myself. 

Trying out a little outfit idea for our Willow Crowns shoot that's happening on Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. Thanks for the tip on the spill proof paint cups!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  2. Looks like you had a blast in Maine! Loving your cute little office nook and that photo of O from her 2nd bday! So sweet.

  3. We almost got those spill proof cups for noah! Are they the best thing ever??? Love her watching the basketball game... She looks so grown up!

  4. Can't wait to see pics from the photoshoot!

  5. Cant wait to see the photo shoot pics!!!!! BTW, where are the spill proof paint paint paint cups from? :)


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