Weekend Photos

Happy Monday! 

I hope you all had a great weekend. The holiday spirit is totally in the air and it's infectious! I'm getting so excited for our trip to Disney World for Thanksgiving to spend time with my family, and have been making our house as cozy as possible as the temps finally dip in Texas.

We didn't have our normal ballet class on Friday since it's on break 'til January, but we bundled up and headed out for crepes and a little walk anyway.

I'm still working during Olivia's nap, but trying to squeeze a little bit of work in during the afternoons when she's winding down and while she's on the ipad/watching a movie. I was working on the computer from bed on Friday afternoon when she ran into my closet, grabbed this hat, and climbed in with me. 

Saturday was a busy day for us. Ryan finished some cabinets for his office that he's been working on for what seems like forever and I spent some time cleaning the house since my domestic license was about to be revoked due to the fine layer of dust that's been accumulating. Liv and I got outside to throw a big bouncy ball around, took a walk to the mailbox half a dozen times, and then I snuck out for a little shopping during nap time. 

leggings | boots (gymboree)| vest (similar)| adorable waffle tee

I snapped up another one of my favorite H & M sweaters, this time in a deep burgundy. It's ideal for leggings with my favorite flats and layering. It's really light weight and drapes really nicely - definitely get your hands on one!

I stopped into Nordstrom Rack on the hunt for a Winter jacket for our trip to Maine since my jacket collection is lacking. I had a couple jackets when we lived in Boston and stretching them around my pregnant belly left them in rough shape. I wanted something simple, long enough to cover the long sweaters I'm so fond of, and not too bulky. I found this Laundry by Shelli Segal jacket at a steep discount and snapped it up.

Sunday was a rainy, cool day, so we stayed in pi's for most of it. I ran out to Target for some returns, some groceries, and came home to start some Manicotti. One of my new Sunday routines is to prep dinner in the morning (since it's one of the only days we're all home together for dinner). I either put something in the crock pot, or make something that can hang out in the fridge until it's time to pop it in the oven.

We moved some furniture and toys around in Olivia's playroom and she felt like she had hit the toy jackpot. Everything was new again and having the table pushed back against the wall gave her so much room to run around.

I also restock the snack drawer on Sundays, which is basically Olivia's go to for each meal. The picky eating right now is a little crazy, so I'm trying to keep relatively healthy foods that she'll eat within reach. We love fruit and veggie squeeze pouches, veggies straws, dried fruits, peanut butter crackers, gold fish, and fruit bars. 

After that we spent some time running around in the drizzle, watching football, and getting ready to tackle another busy week! 

jammies (my favorites) | boots

Etsy shop fun is coming up this week - can't wait to see you again tomorrow!


  1. Noah is becoming pickier at meals too! Maybe I should expand on our snack situation too!

  2. Her outfits are all so dang cute! I especially love her big Pom Pom hat! Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

  3. Sounds like a pretty good weekend! I love how you have a drawer of foods just for her! I don't have a drawer to do that, but I might have to figure out something like that for my little guy.

  4. that last picture is perfection! love it!

    And the picky eater syndrome of toddlers is exhausting...but those are great ideas for snacks, I should really keep some healthier options on hand!


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