The Winter Uniform

One of the perks of Southern living (other than the widely available Diet Dr. Pepper at most any restaurant, cheap real estate, and grocery stores on every corner), is the Winter weather. 

As a life long New Englander, I pride myself on being tough when it comes to the cold, but after getting my fix over Christmas, I don't miss the snow or sub zero temps. Sorry I'm not sorry. The mild Winter also really accommodates my favorite style of dressing, aka the Winter uniform.

I'm a big, big fan of loose tops, skinny leg pants, and flats. When the cooler temps finally make their way to Texas, I swap filmy blouses for oversized sweaters, my favorite Jack Rogers sandals for my favorite Revas and call it a day. It's comfy, it flatters my shape, and works for toddler wrangling/errands/and headband making. My day in a nutshell.

lightweight sweater (sold out) | distressed denim (Target in store)

I like having a formula worked out for daily dressing, it takes the stress out, and I've purged my closet to the point where I know everything in there fits, flatters, and is comfortable. I don't change my purse too often because I always lose things that way, but my current favorite is my Madewell Transport Tote. I'm obsessed with the monogram, it fits all my crap, and it's beyond classic.

I like to add splurge shoes, bags, scarves, or vests to dress up a pretty basic wardrobe and keep the jewelry minimal. 

hers | mine 

I follow the same formula for Olivia actually. Shocker that I dress her like I'd dress myself, but hey. I stock her up on leggings and long sleeve tees from Target and then get fun vests and shoes from Gap, Old Navy, and (duh) Target. 

vest (Old Navy sold out) | shoes | jeans

vest | beret (for infants, but runs super big)

I love her moccasins and little sneakers for supportive and cute footwear, and she obviously loves her silver Hunters. They're her thang.

So that's it. Our Winter uniform. Basic tops, pants, and some snazzy accessories. 

What's yours?


  1. that vest is so cute! I just ordered a furry one for my girl online at Old Navy and can't wait for it to come!

  2. I love your winter uniform! I like to be comfortable and dress the same way. Unfortunately we will be getting the extreme cold temperatures in New Jersey soon :(.

  3. My daughter has that same faux fur vest from Target and I LOOOVE her in it and we get compliments every time she wears it.

  4. Great outfits! Love the striped top and the sweater from Anthropologie :) haha I love how Olivia is trying to escape the change room. And I adoooore all of her outfits.

  5. Totally need that over sized top in every color! Love it!

  6. Basically my same uniform! Minus the vests. It still is too warm for them in SoCal. Where is that sold out scarf from? I love it! And what size is Olivia in her Minnetonkas? I can't wait till Kaitlyn can fit the triple-fringe style.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  7. I LOVE this! I have been trying to figure out my own formula, but think I have been complicating it a bit. Question... what do you typically wear under the vest? I know you mentioned you like loose and flowy, so was curious what works for under vest. I typically do a long sleeved tee and then don't unzip

  8. Do you suggest sizing up in the h&m sweaters to get the drapey look or are they true to size?


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