Etsy Love Part 1 and a Giveaway

I know you're all more than familiar with the wonder that is Etsy, so I thought it would be fun to share a couple of shops that are new to me lately! I obviously love Etsy since it's where WC got its start and I love that I'm able to find some one of a kind pieces, whether it's for myself, Olivia, or as a gift. I've got several shops to talk about and I've got two for today!

First up is Project Paper.

Christina got in touch with me regarding a tassel garland and the timing was perfect. We've taken the glider out of Olivia's room and I was trying to fill an awkward empty corner. I told her that Liv's colors for her room were navy, gold, and raspberry and she sent me the most gorgeous, high quality tissue garland ever.

I put it with her little table and chairs (recently spray painted gold) and her little tea set, and it just finishes the space perfectly. I love garlands as a way to jazz up a space without making permanent changes and they're so fun! Check out her shop for sure, I think a festive garland would be just perfect for this time of year!

Nikki's shop is all about decor, everything from the holidays, to weddings, to everyday home. She and I had talked about what would work for our space, and I told her I was really having a hard time storing bow clips in my studio. I wanted something to display/hold bows I was working on, or ideas I was playing around with and she had the perfect solution.

She sent over this gorgeous distressed white frame to help me clean up some of the accessory clutter here and I absolutely love it. 

I've had lots of people ask how I store Olivia's headbands, hair clips, etc. and I think this would be the perfect way. I keep some little gold clothespins on there to clip headbands and the bow clips just snap right on. 

Nikki also has pallet signs you'll die for so check them out!

Aaaaand....Nikki's offering a giveaway and a coupon code. Yay!

You can win a $30 shop credit (giveaway ends next Wednesday) and you can take 20% off anything in her shop with the coupon code WILLOW.

I've got some more Etsy fun for you tomorrow, but I need you guys to send more Etsy shops my way - I'm addicted!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Weekend Photos

Happy Monday! 

I hope you all had a great weekend. The holiday spirit is totally in the air and it's infectious! I'm getting so excited for our trip to Disney World for Thanksgiving to spend time with my family, and have been making our house as cozy as possible as the temps finally dip in Texas.

We didn't have our normal ballet class on Friday since it's on break 'til January, but we bundled up and headed out for crepes and a little walk anyway.

I'm still working during Olivia's nap, but trying to squeeze a little bit of work in during the afternoons when she's winding down and while she's on the ipad/watching a movie. I was working on the computer from bed on Friday afternoon when she ran into my closet, grabbed this hat, and climbed in with me. 

Saturday was a busy day for us. Ryan finished some cabinets for his office that he's been working on for what seems like forever and I spent some time cleaning the house since my domestic license was about to be revoked due to the fine layer of dust that's been accumulating. Liv and I got outside to throw a big bouncy ball around, took a walk to the mailbox half a dozen times, and then I snuck out for a little shopping during nap time. 

leggings | boots (gymboree)| vest (similar)| adorable waffle tee

I snapped up another one of my favorite H & M sweaters, this time in a deep burgundy. It's ideal for leggings with my favorite flats and layering. It's really light weight and drapes really nicely - definitely get your hands on one!

I stopped into Nordstrom Rack on the hunt for a Winter jacket for our trip to Maine since my jacket collection is lacking. I had a couple jackets when we lived in Boston and stretching them around my pregnant belly left them in rough shape. I wanted something simple, long enough to cover the long sweaters I'm so fond of, and not too bulky. I found this Laundry by Shelli Segal jacket at a steep discount and snapped it up.

Sunday was a rainy, cool day, so we stayed in pi's for most of it. I ran out to Target for some returns, some groceries, and came home to start some Manicotti. One of my new Sunday routines is to prep dinner in the morning (since it's one of the only days we're all home together for dinner). I either put something in the crock pot, or make something that can hang out in the fridge until it's time to pop it in the oven.

We moved some furniture and toys around in Olivia's playroom and she felt like she had hit the toy jackpot. Everything was new again and having the table pushed back against the wall gave her so much room to run around.

I also restock the snack drawer on Sundays, which is basically Olivia's go to for each meal. The picky eating right now is a little crazy, so I'm trying to keep relatively healthy foods that she'll eat within reach. We love fruit and veggie squeeze pouches, veggies straws, dried fruits, peanut butter crackers, gold fish, and fruit bars. 

After that we spent some time running around in the drizzle, watching football, and getting ready to tackle another busy week! 

jammies (my favorites) | boots

Etsy shop fun is coming up this week - can't wait to see you again tomorrow!

Loving Lately

So no video again this week, and I swear I've got a good reason.

Our house alarm went off at 2:30 yesterday morning and while we ultimately figured out that it was a window that popped open from the cold, it left us (especially neurotic me) really rattled. We didn't get back to sleep until almost five and Olivia was back up at 6:45. By the way, she was totally un-phased by the super loud alarm, our obvious stress, and just asked for the iPad. Priorities.

Long story short, I was wiped yesterday and felt like a piece of gum peeled off the bottom of a shoe, so I wasn't filming.

But I still have favorites for you this week, so let's get to it!

1. Toddler purses

Let's talk about this. I couldn't find the link to the purse, so here's a similar one that's also from Target like Olivia's. Her attitude is killing me now. I can't get enough of it and I love her little sense of style. 

2. Spending time as a family

We've been making an effort to go somewhere/do something together a couple nights during the week instead of all just going to our separate corners for some quiet and solitude like we normally do. Last night Ryan had to go to Verizon and I asked if Liv and I could come. He looked at me like I was nuts for wanting to come on a banal errand, but we ended up turning it into a Five Guys dinner date, a coffee drive through, and a drive. It was fantastic. 

It was especially fantastic to watch my husband sip a White Chocolate Mocha (the only appealing thing he saw at Starbucks) while listening to the new Taylor Swift album (it's really that good) and ranking the songs.  At one point he said to me "now all I need is a big scarf". Well played.

3. Impending bestie time

Steph is coming for 9 days in just 3 weeks and I'm losing my mind with excitement. I hope you all have that one friend who you just click with and they totally get you/you totally get them because it's awesome. We'll be doing some work, playing with our babies, and just enjoying being in the same state again.

4. Buffalo check anything

Obviously I'm obsessed since we chose to make it a big part of our Winter collection, but I can't get enough of these. 

5. Cozy clothing

When I drive through Starbucks in the morning I look like a total mess. I'm usually wearing leggings (these TJ Maxx ones are a current fave) and since the weather has cooled, these slippers. I look like a hobo with my sloppy topknot, some kind of jacket, and big sunglasses hiding my mascara smears, but I'm comfy and caffeinated, so there ya go.

Hope you all have something fun planned this weekend!


p.s. next week I have some awesome Etsy shop features lined up for you, so get excited about that! Sweet Cuts Shoppe and Project Paper both sent some amazing garlands my way (one for Olivia's birthday party and one for her nursery) and they are so unique and and fabulous that I can't wait to share with you! I've also got a giveaway from Pink Lemon Designs Tx too! I love, love, love how Etsy and being a small business owner in general have connected me with other people with such amazing talent and am so happy I get to share them with all of you! I'd really love to make an Etsy round up gift guide this year, so please let me know of any shops I need to check out!

The Winter Uniform

One of the perks of Southern living (other than the widely available Diet Dr. Pepper at most any restaurant, cheap real estate, and grocery stores on every corner), is the Winter weather. 

As a life long New Englander, I pride myself on being tough when it comes to the cold, but after getting my fix over Christmas, I don't miss the snow or sub zero temps. Sorry I'm not sorry. The mild Winter also really accommodates my favorite style of dressing, aka the Winter uniform.

I'm a big, big fan of loose tops, skinny leg pants, and flats. When the cooler temps finally make their way to Texas, I swap filmy blouses for oversized sweaters, my favorite Jack Rogers sandals for my favorite Revas and call it a day. It's comfy, it flatters my shape, and works for toddler wrangling/errands/and headband making. My day in a nutshell.

lightweight sweater (sold out) | distressed denim (Target in store)

I like having a formula worked out for daily dressing, it takes the stress out, and I've purged my closet to the point where I know everything in there fits, flatters, and is comfortable. I don't change my purse too often because I always lose things that way, but my current favorite is my Madewell Transport Tote. I'm obsessed with the monogram, it fits all my crap, and it's beyond classic.

I like to add splurge shoes, bags, scarves, or vests to dress up a pretty basic wardrobe and keep the jewelry minimal. 

hers | mine 

I follow the same formula for Olivia actually. Shocker that I dress her like I'd dress myself, but hey. I stock her up on leggings and long sleeve tees from Target and then get fun vests and shoes from Gap, Old Navy, and (duh) Target. 

vest (Old Navy sold out) | shoes | jeans

vest | beret (for infants, but runs super big)

I love her moccasins and little sneakers for supportive and cute footwear, and she obviously loves her silver Hunters. They're her thang.

So that's it. Our Winter uniform. Basic tops, pants, and some snazzy accessories. 

What's yours?

A Big 'Ol High Five

I've been known to come on here a time or two (or a dozen) and talk about my struggles with motherhood, balance, and sanity. So much of the time it feels like I'm doing it wrong, going to lose my mind, or that I'm not measuring up and you ladies are always right there with exactly the right words, solidarity, and some humor so I don't feel like I'm the only one with a kid who threw a full bag of goldfish at a cashier. 

Yesterday, though, I nailed it. Ok, so nailed is a strong word, but I had one of those days where the balance was right. It just worked. I don't think it's that I did much different, but my attitude was in a much better place. I found this article the other day about being ok just doing doing "ok" as a parent and it resonated with me.

Yes, yes we all want to be great parents. No one gets pregnant and says "I really hope to be a mediocre caregiver to this fragile new life".  Everyone wants to knock it out the park, have every day be a parenting slam dunk, and once I realized that just wasn't realistic, things got better and it clicked for me. 

Yesterday I had a ton of work to do. I was staring down the barrel of over 100 pieces that needed to be made, and two hours of nap time wasn't going to be enough. So I camped Olivia out in the playroom with Daniel Tiger on the tv, a cup of blueberries and cheerios in her lap, and worked. 

Enter the mom guilt. 

Screen time! Learning disabilities! iPad parenting! Bad mom! I know, I know.


I got some work done and after her nap I was present. I took her to the playground for well over an hour, we stacked blocks, we read books, and she even ate a whole apple slice AND a smoothie. Healthy food? Check. Fresh air? Check. Work done? Check. 

That's a win for me. 

It has to be. Because my kid hates fruits and vegetables and loves the damn iPad, so a screen time free, all organic food day is never going to happen for us. So when an entire smoothie makes it past her sassy little lips and I get my butt outside to play with her, I give myself a big 'ol high five. 

If I gave up WC and had unlimited time to dedicate to her, I still don't think I'd do a "better" job. She'd still hate vegetables so I'd still be sneaking them into smoothies, I'd still be tired/exasperated/desperate for a few quiet minutes and want to turn on PBS Kids.  Maybe then I'd feel even guiltier because I have all kinds of time to make our days Pinterest perfect and they still wouldn't be. Who knows. 

I'm going to be the mom who occasionally stuffs a cake pop from Starbucks in her sticky little hand so I can pick up toilet paper (and every gosh darn seasonal item) from Target in peace. I'm going to be the mom who turns on the tv at 7 because her 8:00 bedtime is an eternity of an hour away. I'll also keep trying with the healthy foods, try to put the stupid phone away and be present, and recognize that every day is a chance to do it better and that if it's not better, that's ok too. 

I will continue to whisper yell in the grocery store. I will continue to bribe, negotiate, and ultimately pin her with both elbows to change a diaper. I will continue to call her daily fiber supplement "candy" and tell her that she can have what she wants in "one minute" an infinite number of times. I will probably continue to wish I could burrow a hole in the floor when I finally toughen up and tell her "no" and she goes postal at the crowded playground . 

I'll also cut myself some slack. I'm a total novice at this. It will get easier and harder and better and worse each day. I'll get tougher, I'll find more ways to make veggies taste good and get better at making my work time more efficient. There aren't enough hours to sleep as it is, let alone losing sleep to mom guilt. I'm also trying really hard not to pass my neuroses and stressful tendencies on to her, so this seems like a good place to start. 

So there's a little bit of my heart and soul early on a Tuesday morning. Light reading, right? 

Weekend Photos

I can barely believe we're already over a week into November! Olivia will be 2 in just three weeks which has me a little weepy (more than when she turned 1) so I've got to get it together over here.

Our weekend was awesome. I feel like they've been just right lately - a good blend of relaxation, productivity, and good family time. Ryan had Lasik on Friday, so I spent Friday afternoon and evening trying my hardest to keep her quiet so he could nap and keep his eyes closed for a few hours.  Earlier in the day she had her last ballet class until January so we hit our favorite crepe place afterwards and she got to check out the giant Christmas tree.

Saturday morning Ryan had a follow up appointment right down the road from our favorite breakfast place, Le Peep. We ate a cinnamon roll as big as our heads and reveled in a few too many cups of coffee. They leave the coffee pot on your table which tells you everything you need to know about why it's our favorite place.

I wore a favorite top from H&M with half (faux) leather sleeves. It's super lightweight but perfect with a scarf for the cooler weather we've been having!

shirt | jeans | scarf (sold out, similar here) | shoes | dirty mirror not available

I was feeling a little homesick, so we hunted down a Maine lobster roll and chowder in Houston at Mainely Sandwiches. This place is awesome, authentic, and I totally recommend it! 

Sunday I tapped into my inner domestic goddess, cleaning the whole house and making chili from scratch. This never, ever happens (the cooking thing) so I had to brag. I made the Pioneer Woman's chili and added some corn and it was delish! We had a friend over for some chili and football and it was just the right way to wrap up the weekend.

I'm hoping to blog a little more regularly this week as well as record a video - so fingers crossed for a productive day today!


Oh Hey... about your blog slacking.

I think I'm super busy which is why blogging has taken a backseat this week. I also thought I was super busy this time last year when WC was a teeny tiny baby. 
I was drunk. 
A year from now I'll laugh at what I think is busy now.

Honestly? It's the best kind of busy and thank you all so much for making it happen. I know so many of you have ordered pieces for yourselves and/or your kids, and I love you for it! 

I've been working on getting something scrapped together for Olivia's birthday in a few weeks, and waged war against a stupid head cold this week, so we've been all over the place.

We booked tickets to Maine for Christmas and miracle of miracles, we're all traveling together. Ryan's taking the full two weeks off to come with us and I'm psyched. I'm a seriously annoying Christmas fan, so I'll try not to be too overzealous here, but I've already tuned Pandora to the Kids Christmas station and am researching Elf on the Shelf ideas. Halloween isn't my jam, so I was kind of happy when that was over and I could move onto my favorite season.

And speaking of holidays, here's little throw back snap of my cranky little love at 12 whole days old. 

Hopefully it will make you forget how much I neglected you all the past week!

So we're off to our last ballet class until January and then shuttling Ryan home from his lasik surgery (lucky duck). Have a great weekend!


Weekend Photos

I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend and are enjoying November so far! 

Ryan was out of town again last week, but surprised us by coming home in time for trick or treating on Halloween! He was out of town for Halloween last year so it was so nice for him to see O's costume this year! 
She was Minnie Mouse (and I never half assed a costume more in my life, but she's two), wore her ears to ballet and all day long, and loved going to all three houses we took her to.

We spent the rest of the weekend in a pretty lazy way. We vegged out, watched football, had a little playdate with a friend, and just soaked up the cooler weather. 

It was totally relaxing and hopefully we'll all get smart and go to bed an hour earlier this week and avoid the Daylight Savings hangover that comes with having a toddler who doesn't get how awesome an extra hour of sleep is.

Finally, stop by the shop anytime around 10 AM this morning and check out the new WC Winter line! I'm super excited about it and Steph and I hope you'll all give it a thumbs up. Especially since we threw in a little something for boy moms, wink.

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