You've Been Boo'd!

I've got a weekend recap planned but am saving it for tomorrow since my parents are still in town until Tuesday morning and we've got some more stuff to squeeze in together before they leave! 

Today I'm teaming up with Jennifer from Jennifer Alison Designs (the mind behind my WC logos) to bring you some Halloween fun for your kiddos! 

Our neighborhood does "booing" around Halloween time, where you randomly get a treat on your doorstep with a sign that says "We've Been Boo'd". You display the sign on your front door and you have two days to "boo" two more houses. It's super fun and I love that our neighborhood does fun things like this around the holidays! 

I wanted to do little jars (spice jars from IKEA - 4 for $3!) of candy for our "boos" and these labels from Jen are perfect! 

She's giving all of you a 50% off coupon to download these for yourself (all you need are some round labels which you can get at Target!) for less than $2. Use the code WILLOW and grab them here !

These are awesome as tags with a hole punched and some twine threaded through, or just as stickers for a sticker obsessed toddler. All of my shoes have stickers in them, so I think you know which option Liv would pick. They're ideal for treats and we're headed into the treat giving time of year!

We're hitting the pumpkin patch today and then dropping some of these off to some neighbors. It doesn't get much more October than that!


  1. lol! That's awesome! I don't if our neighborhood of retirees will play along, but what a fun idea!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  2. A lot of our neighbors are older too (like Joie de Viv) so I'm not sure if they'd play along either. But this is so cute! I almost want to try doing this with my moms club! Love those ikea spice jars!

  3. I love the little jars! One, because they're adorable, and two, because they can't hold too much candy. Between booing, Halloween parades, and Halloween itself, I feel like we get overrun with candy. But the jar is a perfect size!

  4. So cute! We did cookie jar treats for our neighbors. Loving doing something a little festive for everyone :)

  5. so cute! we dont' do this in our neighborhood...but what a fun idea! We have a ton of families with small kids and they would get such a kick out of this!

  6. Thanks for posting these adorable pictures Megan!!! I'm so glad you like them :)


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