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Hi Guys! I took a couple days to get (somewhat) caught up on life and now I'm back with a little update about what's been keeping us so busy...or at least not blogging.

Our company left Monday and my parents are coming on Friday which means my laundry loathing self needs to get it in gear and turn the guest room over. Steph and I have been working like crazy to more or less overhaul the WC site and get it ready for Winter pieces. In case you missed our insta announcement, Steph is officially a WC team member and I'm psyched. She's honest, full of amazing ideas, and kind of a slave driver.

Sometimes we get so tired we just have to lie down in the middle of the sidewalk.

Liv is still not very interested in talking. She'd rather cry and grunt, but hey, toddler's gonna whine whine whine, ya know? She'd rather hit the bubbles and hit 'em hard, and that's cool. The weather has been gorgeous and cool enough in the mornings to warrant a scarf before the lunch time warm up.

vest (sold out) | boots

We've been grocery shopping, stocking up at IKEA, trying to get our house to a reasonable level of clean, and Ryan's working, like always, except when he comes home early and we go for frozen yogurt which we did last night. Every one was very, very happy. Almost as happy as Olivia when she hit the sticker jackpot at Trader Joe's. 

So today I'm polishing off the small mountain of laundry that remains, finalizing our Winter collection, filming a Loving Lately video for all of you, and dragging my sorry rear to the gym. It's needed. Friday is ballet, coffee with a friend, airport pick ups, and coffee again (duh).  See you tomorrow!


  1. still can't get over liv's hair! so cute :)

  2. Can't wait to see those winter pieces. My son was also just doing the one syllable kind of grunts at that age. Turns out his ears were completely plugged up. He got ear tubes and there was an immediate difference. My daughter got tubes right at a year and she started talking much earlier. Now they don't stop talking. Ever. Just thought I mentioned it because we hadn't even considered it with my son.

  3. From Megan's comment above... That was my brothers problem as a child! Ears clogged up and tubes helped. Noah is talking a tiny bit more but he prefers "playing charades" and acting most things out lol. I think he and I would make an awesome charades team because I'm getting really good at guessing lol. As long as there are no physical issues (like clogged ears), I wouldn't worry about it yet.

    On another note I just ordered Dalmatian ears (On Amazon) for myself and should have checked with you first!!!

  4. Look at you with those orders! I can't wait to see the winter collection. Peyton got a roll of the Trader Joe's stickers, too! Oh the little things :)

  5. My little guy waited a long time to talk and then one day he started and wouldn't stop. They like to do things on their own timetables for sure :)

  6. Gah! Those ears are adorable. I wish I would have seen these before buying my daughters! She's being a cat for Halloween.

    BTW, I found your blog through Veronika. Her and I met way back in The Knot wedding planning days. lol. I'm also a Houston Momma.

    and Also, I'm jealous of your Trader Joes trip. We're in the Southeast side so it's kind of far :(


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