Weekend Photos

Hey, friends!

Hope you all had a great weekend and that Monday is off to a promising start! I thought I'd drop by with some quick photos of our weekend and some outfit details, since I'm oh so very stylish, ya know.

Friday morning was ballet, followed by our usual post-class crepes date, and a little iPad sesh in the car. Note to self: never do that again, since prying it out of her addicted little paws will result in a very public meltdown in the grocery store parking lot.

A banana and Nutella crepe plus coffee/milk on the rocks is our usual after ballet jam. It's hard work hiding under my chair and crying for half the class. It's also hard work chasing bubbles and running from one end of the studio to the other during the other half of the class.

Ryan got back from South Korea on Saturday afternoon so we just took it easy until he and Liv passed out at 7:30. I grabbed a glass of wine and made my way upstairs to work on some WC things and watch X Men (I secretly love those movies).

Sunday morning was one of those mornings when you knew it was going to be a trying day. Liv woke up crying and kept it going strong most of the day. When she and her jet lagged companion passed out for nap time, I snuck out for a mani/pedi, and battery recharge. I came home, scooped up Liv, and we went to lunch with a friend which did wonders for both our moods while Ryan continued to sleep off his travels.

We stopped into Anthropologie which is always the best/worst idea and Olivia got her hands on this book. Immediately obsessed, she plopped down in a chair and was the happiest little clam.

It's still pretty toasty here, so a super light weight sweater, white jeans, and pedi preserving sandals were the order of the day.

And that's all she wrote! Nothing too crazy, but we're all ready to tackle another week (including some Halloween fun!). Have a good one! 


  1. I'm in love with your swingy tops! I think the H&M one is more in my budget right now ;). Also, now I want a crepe!!!

  2. What a busy weekend you had.... cheers for being so super productive! Question: do you love your Madwell tote? I am lusting after one and want to know the scoop! Have a great week and I cannot wait to see what Nov 1st brings us for Willow Crowns!

  3. Your blue earrings are pretty :) and so is that sweater from Anthropologie. Mmmmm, crepes!!

  4. loving your tops! I feel like those are "mom" staple items...in other words i need to invest in a couple more ;)


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