Weekend Photos

We had a busy weekend with Ryan's parents in town and we're sad to see them go. Olivia loves having them here, they love spending time with her, and we love the free babysitting. I'm joking...kind of. In all seriousness, we'll miss them between now and Christmas, but we squeezed a lot into our time together. 

We took them for crepes, Tex Mex, went to the zoo, the park, and spent lots of time just chatting and catching up. They kept Olivia super busy and let me get lots of work done. I managed to squeeze in a little shopping and a visit with Veronika as well, so it was busy. 

Just before we picked them up on Friday, Olivia had her first ballet class. I'd say it went so so. She loved the bubbles at the beginning and the lollipop at the end, but was a little bit of a stage 5 clinger for the middle. We'll try again this Friday and hope she warms up.

Out to dinner with Ryan's parents Friday night in the blush version of the best top ever

We never leave the house without lipstick or Lambie

I can. not. wait. to show you what WC has in store for this buffalo check fabric. 

Ryan and I went to a fancy steakhouse Saturday night and I'm still kind of full.

If you watched my video Friday, I said I may never carry another bag or wear other shoes. Proof.

shoes | shirt (similar)

Livia wanted to climb right in with the other wild animals. 

I said "can you say elephant" and swear to you, she looked at me, laughed and said "no". 

Is "stubborn as an elephant" an expression?


  1. What a fun weekend! I love your weekend posts and look forward to them each week. I'm going to Old Navy tomorrow to check out that top! Have a great week!

  2. I can't wait to take Presley to the zoo one day!

  3. I love your blog! can you tell us where the dress and the top in the last two pix are from :) super cute. I need that tote too ;)

  4. I'm obsessed with buffalo check this Fall! Olivia looks so sweet in that little ballerina outfit! Sounds like such a great weekend

  5. i love buffalo plaid...definitely needed some fall inspiration. thanks! btw, the ballet picture....I showed my husband and told him... "this is what I dream of". so cute! I'm also loving that madewell bag.... hmmmm wedding anniversary/christmas?? i'll see what i can pull off! happy monday!

  6. great pics...and I'm loving that bag! Olivia looks darling in her sweet ballerina outfit!

  7. Oh how fun! Noah's the opposite and says "yeah" when we ask him if he can say a word, but then doesn't say it! He's like yeah I can say it but I won't lol!

  8. So cute! Sounds like a great weekend.


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