Some Randoms

Honestly, I wasn't planning on having a post for today. It was my birthday yesterday and in my post-margarita, new shoes, new bag, Ryan came home before 8 PM bliss, I was just going to call it a day.

Then I thought. "Get it together. These people come here every day looking for half-assed iPhone photos, so that's exactly what you're going to give them!"

So here you go.

Every night, every single night, I put on the softest clean shirt I can find and watch Big Bang Theory. It takes my mind off anything stressful and (with the help of Melatonin) helps me fall asleep.

I'm crazy for waffle knit. Any size, any color,  I love it.

Walked in yesterday and found her like this. Swear.

Dinner out requires three bracelets, sunglasses, and Ryan's toothbrush. We don't question it. 

There's ivy growing up the side of our house and I'm crazy about it. It reminds me so much of all the ivy covered brick buildings when we lived in Boston.

I'm not in a rush for the cold weather, but when it comes I won't be mad we have to wear these.

old jacket | Liv's coat

Deceptively still and sweet. Love this little monkey and her non stop climbing, won't keep a shirt on, kisses me when I try to tell her no,  salsa loving, vegetable hating, foot stomping tatruming, wild hair self. 

Pick a paint color for my laundry room? That'll happen the day after never.

Had your fill? I'm going to try to get it together for tomorrow. 

I said  try, no promises.



  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Those jackets are so cute and you soft shirt looks so comfy! I could definitely fall asleep wearing that!

  2. You should be more positive in your posts. It's not fun to always read such a negative tone about how "boring" everything is. You're basically making fun of yourself. If it wasn't that interesting to read your blog you wouldn't have followers. I think this was the 2nd time you start a blog post off like this one in the past week...and frankly it's annoying. Be more positive!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Sarah. Things definitely aren't boring around here now :)

  3. I can't fall asleep without Big Bang reruns either!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great day!

  5. Happy birthday! I hope you celebrate all month long, not just yesterday! :)

    Also - your ivy is so pretty!

  6. it! I too sleep to the sounds of Sheldon and Leonard discussing who is not in accordance with the roommate agreement.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! Never think that we don't want random/boring.... I'd so much rather read about your random/boring! And hey, we got new links to pull up and look at, so it's a win win.

  8. I wish I was at home wrapped up in that pom pom blanket just like her right about now...haha

  9. Happy belated Birthday! I'm glad you decided to share some awesome iPhone pictures :) I love that one of Olivia sitting on your bed. It is too sweet!!

  10. happy belated birthday! she looks so peaceful all wrapped up in that blanket...can I join her?!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you got spoiled! LOVE your and Liv's winter coats!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday!!! :) she is too cute!

  13. I love the jackets! I hope you had a great birthday celebration!


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