Loving Lately

Hey, Ladies!

No video this week, but there's still lots to love around here, so I'll get to it!

1. Blanket Scarves

It's been in the 50's and 60's in the mornings around here so I've been tossing on a blanket scarf (this is my absolute fave) and then ditching layers as the day warms up. I know this one will be coming to Maine with me for Christmas, no question! It just drapes perfectly and the fringe isn't too overpowering, plus the gray color is perfectly neutral.

I hope you like my other ever-present accessory. Lambie. Lambie had a rough day yesterday when a kid peed on the slide and Olivia dragged Lambie through it before I could get to her. Epic mom fail, and the poor little guy took a ride on the hottest cycle our washing machine could manage. Lambie, that is, not the pants pee-er.

2. Target Trips

I know it's so "basic", but I really just love a good stroll around Target. Liv and I split a popcorn, and take 20 minutes or so to just browse the aisles, putting way too much stuff we don't need in our cart, putting it back, and then putting it in the cart again, and then putting most of it back on the shelves again. Make fun all you want, but it's just darn fun. Olivia uses this as a chance to put her feet up and rest. Because her life is so stressful. There are purple smoothies to dump on your head and on the beige playroom rug, salt shakers to empty on the kitchen floor, and bananas to flush down the toilet. It's tough.

3. Back to the Gym

I took a couple weeks off (slacked epically) while we had company and not only was my waistline begging me to go back, my sanity was too. I feel way better when I get the (almost) daily endorphin boost from a quick 30 minutes on the elliptical. Liv likes the childcare center a lot and it's a great chance for my classic only child to get some socialization.

4. Topknots

Once a week I seriously consider chopping my hair and going for a more sophisticated, chic look. Then I realize I couldn't do a topknot and I'd be screwed in the hair department six days a week.

5. Coloring

Just love it. We have a table in the center of Liv's playroom that we stretch a big roll of paper across and we can spend many, many minutes coloring. My artwork is spectacularly bad, but she doesn't care, thank the Lawd.

Have a great weekend and a safe Halloween!!


  1. Oh my goodness, ever since I chopped my hair I have been missing too knots. My bad hair days are just SO BAD! Take my advice and never chop it haha! Love the blanket scarf and if we had a target nearby we would probably do the same routine as you and Liv!

  2. Top knots are the only thing keeping me from cutting my hair and adding bangs! Love your scarf! I might have to steal your idea of sharing a popcorn to get more time at target... Brilliant!

  3. Those flats are so cute. I just put some similar ones on my Amazon Wish list. How is the sizing on the Target ones? I'm normally a 6 or 6.5.

  4. Oh Lambie, I feel like that little love could have it's own blog....It goes on so many crazy adventures! Happy Halloween!

  5. With regards to Lambie - the hot cycle might not be enough! Those enzyme urine removers work for human pee too! My fave recently is Natures miracle cat urine destroyer (although it's kind of expensive) - it will take stain and smell right out just like magic! If you don't feel like spending the $$ for the expensive stuff, try the dollar tree variety - I haven't tried it myself, but it's worth a try for a dollar!

  6. Good job getting back to the gym! I really need to get back there asap... I had such a good routine going. Aww poor Lambie. Love the blanket scarf, I seriously need me one of those. And Olivia makes such a cute Minnie Mouse. Her and I are matching today :) have a great weekend!


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