A Weekend With My Parents

My parents arrived on Friday and are flying out today, so we've enjoyed a nice, long weekend with them. Unfortunately, they have actual lives and jobs to get back to (incredibly inconvenient for me) so we'll just have to survive without them until Thanksgiving, which is thankfully just one short month away. 

We ate, we shopped, we chatted, we watched football. We laughed, had deep talks, and each gained a few pounds. Just how we like it. My parents did laundry, watched Olivia so Ryan and I could have date night, and we begged them to stay longer. 

Here's a peek at what our weekend looked like. I'll be crying into my coffee, so don't mind me.

Olivia managed to un-glue herself from my knee for at least half of her ballet class on Friday, which is a major improvement. This week our goal is not to flip out when the instructor takes away the tambourines.

We hit up City Centre (as usual) for dinner Saturday night and the weather was glorious. 

(I'm convinced these are perfect toddler shoes. They slide on, are waterproof, and light weight)

On a trip to the park, my mom convinced Liv to try the climbing wall and she hasn't looked back. 

shirt (in H & M stores) | cat ears

Lastly, here's a look at some outfits from this weekend. I'm absolutely not a fashion blogger (it's just laughable) but I always like to see what other moms/women my age are wearing so maybe you do too?

Dinner with the fam:

Drinks with Ryan : 

More dinner: (I wear dresses so my stomach has room to expand. It's strategic)

shirtdress | scarf (similar)

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Awww, cat ears at the pumpkin patch? So cute.

    I like to see what other mommies my age are wearing, because I always feel like I'm in a totally different ball park. I still wear crop tops and "inappropriate" mom garb because nothing fits me at the grown up stores. Forever 21 at nearly 31 is still my jam. Petite girl probs :)

  2. Having family around is the best! I'm laughing about the tambourines! I wish our girls could dance together :)

  3. Ahh looks fun! Isn't it nice to have built in's! (if even for a weekend) Ours all live in Iowa/Oregon.....so there are far/few trips like that.

    Question: on her hunter rain boots - how do those fit? with how fast their feet grow- hesitant to get. But it seems that she's worn them A LOT :)

  4. i LOVE those Native shoes...I just wish there was a similar solution for winter shoes! Elyse loved them as well!

  5. You are too funny about wearing dresses to dinner! Glad you had a fun weekend with your parents!

  6. I hate having to shop in the junior department but the women's section doesn't fit me well either. I look for random pieces from every section because it's always hit or miss.


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