A Quick Update

Hey hey!

Just dropping in for a quick update since I've been slack on the blog front the past couple of weeks. I promise to have a video up for tomorrow too!

Basically, it be crazy over here and in the best possible way. I'm usually on the fly, just stopping to take a shoe photo or selfie, because priorities. Liv is busier than ever and so is WC (thanks to you all, you're the best!), and oh yeah there's a house to clean, meals to cook, and groceries to be bought. 
Speaking of groceries, let me give you a sneak peek into our day. Yesterday as we were checking out, I went to put a gallon of milk on the conveyor and Olivia lost it. Full flip out mode and both the cashier and I just looked at her like "what?!". So we let her hold it after it was scanned and she just sat in the cart, arms wrapped around a gallon of milk.
Toddlers are a total mystery to me.

Last week I mentioned that Liv wasn't really into talking very much and a couple of you suggested getting her ears checked in case there was some fluid. We paid a quick visit to our pediatrician and she told us we were ok. Of course while we were there, she rattled off a bunch of words and made me look like the neurotic first time parent I am. Her newest thing? Hovering over the snack drawer with her finger pressed to her lips saying "ummm" while she deliberates what to pick.

Then she'll usually run towards the playroom screaming something that sounds like "Daniel Tiger, Daniel Tiger!". I guess we're going to be ok in the words department.

WC is keeping me busy as usual, and getting ready to drop the Winter stuff on 11/3 is super fun and super time consuming. Thank the good Lord that Steph is the website master and is handling a dozen other things so I can get orders made, send pieces to our photographers, and take some here myself. In non-Megan style, though, I'm not stressed. I think I've finally (or temporarily) got a balance worked out. I had a good old fashioned come to Jesus conversation with myself that went something like this:

"Megan, get it together." 

I realized that yes, I'm doing the single parent thing a lot. Ryan works a lot, travels a lot, and that's not going to change. So I could wallow in fatigue and toddler over saturation or find a solution. I needed the reminder that I'm lucky to be able to stay home AND work at something I love. I can't feel fulfilled professionally and stay home with Olivia without having full days, long hours, and the complaining/dragging/eating waffle fries to fuel myself wasn't working. So I signed her up for Ballet so we'd get out of the house once a week minimum and we have a standing weekly playdate as well that gets me some grown up time with a friend. She's starting Mother's Day Out once a week as soon as she turns two which will allow me some more time to work. 

Other things are factoring in to the new positive outlook, like having a small daily checklist (drink water, read her two books, clean one toilet, take 10 minutes for a solo cup of coffee in the morning, etc.) to help me feel like I've at least fulfilled some of my roles as mother, housekeeper, person. Make any sense at all? No? It's ok.

We've also instituted a twice monthly date night for Ryan and me. It's fantastic and we love our babysitter (and friend) almost as much as Olivia loves her. This way we at least see each other once in a while and can get some grown up time squeezed in.

Oh, and once in a while, when we go to the Post Office, we swing through Chik Fil A for a small ice cream and a large Diet Dr. Pepper. I park and let Liv play in the backseat (which is apparently a blast) while I eat ice cream and read a book. It's 15 random minutes of relaxation and it totally recharges my batteries, because when we get home there is sure to be only 1 wipe in the house, an overflowing toilet, and a toddler who will rage because the marker she bit the tip off of isn't working.

Once the crises are temporarily resolved, it's work time again. We've been updating the site with new photos and it's a slow process, but we're getting there.

headband | top (on crazy sale and crazy flattering)

In case you forgot what I look like and wanted to see the fruits of my amateur photography labors. 

Enough about me. What's up with you??


  1. Glad to hear WC is booming! I love your stuff and can't wait for the holiday line, I'm sure I'll be ordering ;)

    Also glad you're finding a balance. I like your small checklist idea, I may have to incorporate that into my days at home :)

  2. Yay for a positive outlook!!! Can't wait to see the new line!!

  3. I really enjoyed this post. And your snack drawer is impressive.

  4. Wow you are so busy... Which is great! I wish I had a girl so I could buy her tons of headbands! Olivia is fine with you eating ice cream in front of her? Noah would be all over me crying if I didn't get him one or "share" with him!

  5. Looking forward to seeing the new line.

    I recently started a photography business on the side, which thankfully has been doing really well, but has me feeling a bit overwhelmed. I like your idea of a little checklist, even if it is my solo cup of coffee or putting away dishes. :)

  6. Great post :) I work from home and stay home with my 15 month old daughter. What helps is having a sitter come to the house one day a week so I can really get through work, then focus on my daughter the rest of the time. I still have to sneak in work during some naps/nights, but that 8 hour block really lets me get a lot done. You'll have to let us know how the Mother's Day Out program is as well, my sitter will have to find a full-time job in the summer, so we may do a similar program when our kid is 2ish as well.

    Not sure if there's any in your area, but we found a mom's group on meetup.com as well, LIFE. SAVER. There's daily outings, to each others houses or playgrounds or just walks. I've met an incredible group of moms, we try to get out and do something with the group a few times a week. Love reading your blog since I can relate a lot!

  7. Love this post you have written! It is everything I am striving to do on a daily basis! So happy for everything fantastic that is going on in your life right now!

  8. Love the updates and happy to hear all is well!! I feel like this time of year makes things 5x as busy as the rest.


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