Weekend Photos

We've spent the last two weekends working really hard around the house. After a Summer of traveling and relaxing, the house was looking slack. I've been purging/organizing closets, pantries, the fridge, freezer, and working on the office and guest rooms while Ryan is trimming grass and working on getting the office (which has been at a standstill since February) finished. We've also got two sets of company coming in October, so I'm highly motivated.

We stop only for food (mostly take out Mexican) and to build blanket forts with the nugget. Or the occasional Target trip. If you say you didn't see that coming, you're either new or a liar.

Here we go:

Wine and popcorn on Friday night. Movie of choice? Not sure, pretty confident I instagrammed through it.

A quick stop by Ryan's office on Friday to bring him an iced coffee and show off her giant apple. We're happy he's home for many reasons, one of which being the return to our weekly visits to bring him treats.

My favorite meal ever, grilled cheese and tomato soup for an easy dinner.

Outfit for dinner with Britt and Veronika. I obviously changed my mind after I snapped this.

jeans | purse is old | shoes are old and ordered while in labor

On a date with Dad while mom was shoveling Mexican food.

Part of picking up the house means weeding. Lots 'o weeding.

Cabinets for the office, made by hand by the handiest husband around.

It's Sunday night, I've got fresh sheets, and a kiddo due up at 7, so I guess I'll see you on the other side.



  1. I like that loose sweater in the second to last picture! I always love your weekend pictures!

  2. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is my FAVORITE! It was the one passed app I insisted on having at my wedding, haha

  3. loving her crazy long curls on her daddy date!

  4. It sounds like a fun weekend! I just love how your pictures capture what you're up to :) Also, yes please to the grilled cheese and tomato soup. One of my favorite meals ever. It is so simple but so good. And ... I love that flannel shirt. I was just looking at it online yesterday and debating about if I should get one or not. Did you find yours in the store or did you order it? Does it fit like a normal button up fits? I love it and I think I need it. And maybe all of the other flannel shirts out there. They are my newest love. :) I'm glad you have a fun weekend and got to go out with some friends!

  5. Looked like a fun weekend! Loving your pumpkin doormat! xo

  6. Love love love your Kate Spade purse!!! Also love your front door's mat. :) Yummmm, I now have a huge craving for grilled cheese & tomato soup. I may just have to make that soon! XO

  7. Love your sweater! I got to spend the weekend with Britt, too. She was one of my roomies at Blog Elevated. Such a small blogging world. ;)

  8. what brand are the nude (rounded toe) shoes?

  9. What a pretty pouf and bow! I'm slightly wishing for flannel and Hunter boots weather. It's almost 6pm and still 80 degrees inside. gah.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  10. Is that mint sweater from Target? I love it! Which brand is it?


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