Weekend Photos

In case you don't follow me on Instagram (you're missing coffee photos, selfies, and photos of my kid, so hurry), Ryan is home! He's been gone for 4 weeks and in the past month, we've seen him for 2 days. Military spouses and single parents : how do you do it? I'm know I'm a weenie with my whining over here, but that solo parenting thing is no joke. You all get my undying respect.

I didn't mention he was gone because I didn't want anyone showing up at my house and demanding the entirety of my embarrassingly large nail polish collection or insisting that I make them a headband, so you know....

In any event, he's home and we seriously enjoyed our first weekend back together.  We somehow managed to have enough time to work really hard around the house and have time for a date and some relaxation, thanks to a time warp known as caffeine. 

Happy to finally be standing with someone who has bigger feet than me.

Olivia was psyched to spend most of the weekend wearing nothing but stickers, the Pats won, and the weather was gorgeous. No complaints over here.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Haha! Love your reasons for not sharing that your husband was away. You are so cute and witty. Your blog is one of my faves. I wish I could keep up with it a bit better, but there is always IG!

  2. Totally smart not to share he was away... I totally would have been there stealing your nail polish collection ;). I also don't know how people do the solo parenting for any length of time... Good for you for managing a whole month!

  3. Glad that he's back home! My hubby has been gone anywhere from a couple of days up to almost 8 months at a time, and it doesn't matter how long it is or what he's doing, it's always hard. Hope Ryan gets to stay close to home for a while now!

  4. I seriously just LOL'd at someone demanding you make them a headband. That would have been me. Watch your back! Glad he's home!

  5. LOL at someone demanding your nail polish collection or a headband :) Love Olivia's pink car and bucket, super cute! Looks like a really great weekend!!


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