Weekend Photos

There was actually a minute when I sat down to write this that I thought "nah, nothing interesting happened, I'll write about something else". Then I remembered that bringing you all the banal details of our lives is what I do, so weekend photos it is!

In an unexpected twist, Houston dropped down into the 60s and 70s this weekend. I know it won't last and that this week will be back up in the 90s, but I don't care. Two cool days is enough to get me through. We celebrated with sweatpants. Obviously.

Blatant photo re-use comes to you courtesy of my Instagram

We also needed matching nails.

We stayed in bed a lot. A lot.

And watched a few (dozen) Disney movies. The phrase "Liv, that's too close" is coming out of my mouth just as often as "don't eat that" and "keep your diaper on, please" lately. 

We managed to pull ourselves (by that I mean myself) together enough to make it out for dinner with a friend on Saturday night.

When we go out, it's usually to City Centre (in case you're ever in the area) and I got lobster enchiladas which were amazing, despite sounding slightly strange.

We wrapped up Sunday with crepes, many many stickers, and another movie. It was just how I'd want our weekends to be every week, minus the black eye Olivia is sporting after falling into the bed frame when she tripped over her own shadow. Ryan says it's character building, I'm tempted to just start strapping pillows to her face.

Hope you had a great one!


  1. Until the black eye your weekend sounded wonderful! Unfortunately they are bound to get hurt :(.

  2. Texas weather is always so crazy! Glad y'all got a couple cool days and had a nice relaxing weekend!

  3. I just bought a -- what I like to call -- lumberjack shirt yesterday. Olivia and I would totes match :)

  4. Just wondering if your shoes fit true to size? They are for sale in Dublin, Ireland now! That's a 2hr drive away. I will be there next weekend and just wondered if they are worth the investment, really :)


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