Wardrobe Purge

How often do you pop on to someone's blog and expect them to talk about wanting fewer items of clothing?

Oh, never, you say? Well today's the day I'm shaking things up.

I have too much junk in my closet. I'm sick of feeling like I have nothing to wear, struggling to put together outfits that are comfortable and flattering, and tired of feeling like I need to spend more money to have things to wear.

I've read about the capsule wardrobe and while I don't think it's for me (I really do love to shop), there are some aspects of it that really spoke to me. I like the idea of being able to see exactly what you have because it's not all crammed in there, of knowing that everything you have is a piece you love, and easily being able to get dressed in the morning.

So. Ready for some poorly lit, high quality iPhone snaps?

I took everything out of my closet. Everything.

I only put back the things I loved, that fit me, and that flattered me.

Also, duplicates had to go. How many black maxi dresses do you need? One, not seven. Same goes for rompers. There were three hanging next to each other and only two had been worn regularly, so the other one had to go.

I was ruthless, items with sentimental value went. Oh I bought that for my honeymoon but still haven't worn it? Probably won't, into the bag. Six blazers and dress slacks? I'm a stay at home mom, one of each is enough for the occasional funeral. Get what I'm saying?

I had just done a big purge a couple months ago so I had less to work with, but I still managed to get rid of 50 more items, leaving me with 68 total. I think I've taken my wardrobe down to 1/4 of its original size and love it.

This allowed me to see what I felt like I had for holes in my wardrobe (I really don't have a everyday jacket, so I ordered this one - on sale!), and helped me really identify my style. I love skinny leg pants with flowy, loose tops. I got rid of so many oxfords, fitted tees, and other things I never wore.

It was so annoying to get rid of Zara and J Crew pieces after spending good money on them, but never wearing them, so I'm determined to only buy things I love from now on or that fill a hole in my wardrobe, like the jacket. Just think - all those $20 shirts I never wore, could have been a gorgeous $100 item I loved but felt I couldn't afford, since I'd blown it on 5 cheaper tops I didn't really like. I feel dumber the longer I type, so maybe I should stop.

The bottom line is that the past few days of getting dressed have been a breeze. I'm not dying to jump back into sweatpants the second we get back from errands or a playdate because I like what I have on. To that end, I thought it could be fun to share with you five pieces I'm especially loving and can't wait to wear this Fall.

amazing vest | old J crew sweater - similar here | black dolman sleeve sweater | same amazing vest in different color | aztec sweater from TJ Maxx

If it survived the purge, you know they're good.

The elbow patches on the old J Crew sweater are just my favorite - what is it about patches?!

The much coveted herringbone J Crew vest has been restocked at Factory and it's awesome. Same goes for the green one I picked up last year. I wore it constantly so I knew the herringbone would get tons of wear.

The dolman sleeve sweater from Old Navy (on sale currently) is a great staple and I like the shorter sleeves for the Fall heat in Texas.

So there you have it - another riveting post about life issues - wardrobe purging.

I was initially a little scared I'd be left with nothing to wear, but I was already feeling that way, so I'm glad I took the plunge. How about you?


  1. I am doing the same thing this fall. I like the idea of the capsule wardrobe but not sure if I want to be as strict. But I definitely want to be more aware of the pieces I buy and make sure I can wear them multiple ways instead of letting them just sit in my closet. So much easier to get dressed in the morning when you like everything you own!

  2. This post spoke to me soooooooooo much! I to, am a sucker for the cheaper stuff and regret when I don't wear them when I could have had a more expensive item I love. Want to come over and help me purge??! :) JK but sorta serious. Love your Blog Megan!

  3. Purging is so good, but I agree, is so hard when you get to those pieces that you spent good money on but just don't wear. I'm doing the capsule wardrobe @ http://www.megintime.com/ I love seeing a more organized closet and it has made getting ready in the morning easier. It's also made me think more before buying something just before a sale. And oh, how I now want to go to JCrew Factory and buy that herringbone vest.

  4. Purging is so necessary - once a year is good. Because then you can look back and see if you wore something that season (or in the entire year), if not then it should go. I'm not the greatest at getting rid of clothes, because "what if" I ever want to wear it haha but hopefully I'll start to get a bit better. Style/tastes change! I just went through a bunch of clothes that I still had at my parents house and got rid of a bunch. Had to! Great post

  5. I needed this post! I have tons and tons of stuff in my closet that needs to go. I do cleanouts twice a year but I think I need to do a deep purge! If it doesn't fit or I don't wear it then it has to go! Oh and I love the Dolman sweater!


  6. i soooo need to do this..... but whenever will i find the time!

  7. I just wrote about doing this [or feeling the need to that is]! I feel like it's so silly to have so many clothes but to never wear them. I usually end up wearing the same pieces over and over again, so why have all of the other things that take up space? I really need to just look at everything I have like you did and get rid of the things I don't love and/or wear all the time. Thanks for sharing this :)

  8. It's funny, cause that's what I did today as well, cleaned out my closet and felt so nice!!!
    by the way, love reading your blog post!

  9. Have you heard of thredup.com? Maybe you do take your unworn/gently used items to a store similiar to this in your area but thredup.com is a website that paybuys and sells like-new clothing. Basically it makes me feel a little better about possibly getting a couple of dollars for shirts I've never worn and need to get rid of :) They send you a bag for free, you pack your clothes in the bag and take it to the nearest FedEx to ship it back, and then you wait to see if they take any of your items, any items that aren't bought get donated.

  10. This is such a great idea! I'm literally late to work every.single.day because I have a closet jam packed with 'nothing' to wear. I've held on to stupid stuff because of course I'll wear it some day. I like the way you put it if I wouldn't have spent $20 on stuff I kind of like I could buy a good quality item for $100. I recently purged but not nearly enough. Definitely purging this weekend. I like that thredup.com idea!

  11. Good for you! I've been saying forever that I need to do a major purge, but haven't brought myself to do it.. I'm just getting my pre-baby body back and still breastfeeding so everything that doesn't quite fit I argue that I should keep, just in case (even if I don't love it, because maybe I'll still wear it.. maybe). I just need to bite the bullet and purge! haha
    Have you ever thought of consigning your clothes? Whenever I clean out my closet I bring all my name-brand stuff to a local consignment/boutique place - I get 40% of what it sells for as cash or 50% as store credit and if it doesn't sell in 3 months they donate it to charity. It's just win-win all around ;)


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