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If you're not new around these parts, you know I have a serious relationship with organizing. It makes me feel good, makes me feel like I'm in control when life gets a little cray cray, and I've been doing lots of it lately. 

p.s. did you see the trunk organizer I posted to Instagram? That thing is amazing.

Thinking it might be fun to share some organizational updates now and then, I snapped a few photos of some of Olivia's little corners in our house to talk about today.

Kids stuff tends to start to creep into every room and every corner of our house it seems. Does that happen to you? Sometimes I find myself just wanting to contain it somehow and keep it a little more organized so there are parts of our house that still belong to the adults and don't look like a tornado blew through.

Look familiar?

One of my favorite ways we've done that is her corner of the kitchen counter.

One corner is designated for all her things. Snacks, diapers, sunscreen, wipes, Tylenol, etc. If it's for her, it's probably in that corner. Since we spend 90% of our day downstairs, this system works best for us when it comes to diaper changes, etc.

I like keeping most of her snacks out on the counter because it helps me keep inventory (since Ryan tends to pilfer fruit snacks) and I can just hoist her up to choose what she'd like. I'm thinking about moving it next to the refrigerator since she's been standing in front of it saying "peeeeeese" "PEEEESE" when she wants blueberries or yogurt, so it might be a littler more conveniently located if it was there. I digress.

These little silicone baking cups are my new favorite. They're perfect for little snacks like blueberries, cheerios, whatever and she thinks they're the bomb (do people say that anymore?).

Another space recently organized (during a stressful afternoon when all toys had been deemed inadequate) is her cubbies.

We used to just toss random stuff in each cube, push it in, and call it a day. What started as a way to entertain her ("put allll the puzzles in this box") turned into an organizational jackpot for me, especially when I found these little cube labels from Target.

I struggle with having enough (what is enough, really?) structure during the day sometimes, so we've started using this as a chance to add some in. Every night we put all the stuffed animals in one cube, toys in another, etc. and that clean up time wraps up our day.

If this has seemed incredibly tedious to you, my sincere apologies. If it spoke to you, because you too have a thing for labels, designated cubes and corners, then we're soul sisters.

Thanks for all the love on Olivia's bathroom makeover yesterday - I'm excited to have some more fun giveaways lined up soon!


  1. Noah's toys are sorted by category but I've yet to label. It's only recently that he likes to help me clean up... What a change! I recently bought some silicone muffin liners... I bet Noah would love them for snacks. He had a blast playing with them the day they arrived!

    1. What is it with kids and those darn muffin liners? They love 'em!

  2. I am so not ready to have Presley's toys scattered all around the house. The other day I assembled a tummy mat thing (way too early might I add) and quickly took it apart because it was just too much shit all over the house!

    1. It's totally crazy - fortunately you have a little time :)

  3. organizing things makes my heart happy. If there is a mess or things are every where -I can hardly function. It's pretty sad really. I love how you have nice little bins for her different toys and things, and having a little corner for her in the kitchen is so smart! I'm sure she loves that :) If we had a bigger kitchen, I would seriously consider doing that.

    1. organizing is the only thing keeping me sane (besides Starbucks). Glad it's not just me!

  4. Organization makes me happy. I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm Type A, but who knows. Thoroughly enjoyed this post. Soul sisters for sure! ;)


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