Loving Lately

I'm not in pain, promise. Don't let the thumbnail fool you (thanks for the great options, YouTube). Once of these days I'll get less lazy and make a custom one for each video. That day isn't today.


Enjoy your weekends!


  1. I'll have to look into those brushes. LOVE the hat for Olivia, sadly it wouldn't be premature to buy that here :( haha... also I have that jacket from Old Navy and LOVE it, I wear it all the time! So great for layering!

  2. Love Olivias Hat and that jacket! Over here in California it's still in the 90's unfortunately so I haven't even started buying fall clothes yet! Also, flooding? What's that? I don't even remember what rain is hah

  3. I seriously lovelovelovelovelovelove that you do these videos! And that jacket...and just can't get enough of that jacket ;)

  4. I love these videos... they are so cute! My husband is not liking them so much since I usually send him a few links of things we MUST get after I watch them ;) While it may be early to wear that hat, I've had experience with winter gear selling out early... so good for you for snatching it up now!

  5. Love the jacket. I bought a similar one from Gap about 3 years ago and it is still one of my favorites.


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