Labor Day Weekend

Don't you just love a long weekend? I woke up yesterday thinking it was Sunday, so it makes easing into another week much easier! We spent a lot of the weekend getting the house cleaned, suitcases unpacked, laundry done, and just getting back into the groove after two weeks away and we're ready to hit the ground (and the gym) running today.

Can I rewind and show you a super flattering photo first?

Sent to Steph on our way home from the airport to display my joy at being back in a state with fountain Diet Dr. Pepper and waffle fries.  That's not a grimace, it's what a tears of joy face looks like.  Flying solo with a toddler (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I've milked that cow 'til it's dry) makes me parched, hence the giant beverage.

Please tell me you all have someone in your life who you can text like this with. It's the best.

As for the rest of our weekend, here's some random photos to tell the tale, since I'm running low on sleep and have over 40 (eek!!) orders waiting for me in the shop - thanks for being so great and keeping me busy! 

I'm still loving the warm weather here and that it's conducive to easy, casual outfits. This dress and these shorts have been staples recently and were easy to throw on before heading to the grocery store or Target when I got home and found we had no milk or toilet paper. I think I'm finally ready to give my Longchamp a rest for a few days and use white after Labor Day (gasp!) since I love this old white bag from TJ Maxx so much. There will be so so much time for cool weather clothes, and I'm taking my time thinking about which pieces I'd like for Fall. Any must haves you're loving?

The lady of the house is more than a little peeved that her full time staff has been downsized from 4-5 adults to 1 and is clingy. She's wrapped around my ankle, usually with a complaint most of her waking hours. She flat out refused to let me make the bed. Oh well, at least she wasn't dragging her waffles in there.

Her footwear of choice. Rain or shine.

New favorites. Get 'em.

Grocery trips, brought to you by the letter C. C for coffee and car cart. C for crap, why are we always out of flipping milk?


  1. My "must-have" piece for fall is a grey boyfriend cardigan from Target. Goes with jeans, leggings, boots, flats, scarves, necklaces, camis, t-shirts... I love it so.

  2. Love that first picture, amazing haha. I definitely have a few friends who don't seem to mind receiving embarrassing snap chats from me. ;)

  3. It's hard to be excited about fall here in Texas when the weather is hot, more hot, and hotter than Hell. However, when it does start cooling down, a heather grey cardigan and scarf is a total must have!!

  4. Did you know you can freeze gallons of milk? Those little dents on the side are made just for it expanding when it freezes so you can buy more at once and freeze them :)

  5. Best first picture! And yes, I send those type of pictures to my sister all the time.
    Why must toddlers be so clingy? Charlotte is seriously stuck to my hip. I actually had to pull out the baby carrier contraption and wear her so I could chop up some vegetables for dinner. However, I wouldn't trade this little lady for anything. ;)
    And seriously to this Houston humidity and heat. I'm ready to wear jeans and boots and cardigans. :) Those things are my jam.
    Have a happy day! Now we're off to Chick-fil-A.

  6. Her on the bed and that pony tail may just be the cutest thing I have ever seen! Thank god that I do not have a Ckick-fil-A in my town or I would be seriously obese.....not overweight, obese. I could drink that sauce through a straw...thank god I have never stooped that low...but I totally could.

    Makeover With Aspen

  7. Yes, those Silver Dollar pancakes I swear are made perfect for toddlers! They're my emergency breakfast stash for K. The little Hunter boots! <3 I've had them in my cart for awhile, it's so hard to really commit to one color! But seeing them on Olivia, I think they are just too cute!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv


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