Family Photos

While we were in Maine in August, I recruited my favorite photographer to take some family photos for my parents' 50th birthdays. I also wanted some for myself. I know, selfish.

She never, ever disappoints and I always, always have a stroke when I see them for the first time. 

Want to see?

One of my favorite things about these sessions is that Danielle never tries to pose Olivia. She knows as well as I do that that would be an exercise in futility. She lets her run around and just captures the chaos in the nicest possible way. She be gifted.

She also knows how much I love detail shots and got tons of close ups of little feet, ponytails, and crinkly eyed smiles. I won't share those because you've been such troopers and I don't want to punish you further.

Basically, I love them and have already uploaded some to the Walgreens website so I can pick them up, crazy lady style.

Tomorrow we're talking about clothes. Get excited.


  1. Beautiful! I would love to get some professional photos done of my whole family but it's rare for us all to get together besides Christmas. And it's not exactly easy to find a photographer for Christmas Eve or Christmas lol. These will be such a keepsake for you and your parents!

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Such a pretty back drop.. and I love that first photo with Olivia's feet in the air haha. :)

  3. Such amazing family photos!!! Love how they aren't posed and instead are more of the "lifestyle" genre. Love them!!!

  4. Beautiful! I love the one of you, your sister & your Mom! I hope you got one the three of you with Olivia, too. :)

  5. So pretty! But as a photographer I have to warn you against Walgreens pics! is the best non-pro lab out there! /end of my PSA :)

  6. Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! xoxo


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