Bathroom Makeover and a Giveaway

I've been wanting to redo Olivia's bathroom since the day we looked at our house.  Our house is almost 20 years old and while it has lots of potential, none of the previous owners had updated the kitchen or bathrooms, so we've put those on our list to tackle. I figure in a few years we'll have gotten around to most of the things on our list, but I finally tackled Olivia's bathroom this week.

It's carpeted. Yep, carpeted. Why? I ask myself daily, but we're tiling that next month and the rest of the bathroom got a facelift thanks to some inspiration from Sara and her Etsy shop Trendy Cuts.

Sara asked if I'd be interested in a silhouette of Olivia (which, duh) and sent me this gorgeous print.

I just about died when I saw it. In fact, I love it so much I've asked Sara if I can order a couple more to give my grandparents for Christmas - I feel like these are awesome gifts! 

Olivia's toddler room will be navy and raspberry, so I thought I'd go with navy and white for her bathroom, starting with this silhouette. 

I thought I'd share some photos of how her bathroom turned out and then Sara's giving you all a chance to enter to win a custom silhouette of your very own! She's also offering 10% off your entire purchase through her shop  with the code WILLOW. Isn't she the nicest?

The before:

We took down the huge, builder's grade mirror and freshened up the paint. Then I grabbed some of the navy and white striped decals from Target and went to town.


The decals were surprisingly kind of easy to apply. 

I said kind of. 

I figured it out after a couple tries, but the great thing about these is you can literally peel and stick them a dozen times until you get it right.

Now for the giveaway :

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Frames: IKEA
Accessories Organizer: Homegoods
Wire Basket: Target
Decals: Target
Stool: IKEA
Drawer Pulls: Homegoods
Mirrors: TJ Maxx


  1. The silhouettes ARE the perfect grandparent gift for Christmas!

  2. Really like navy and white together, looks great! That silhouette is so neat!!

  3. Amazing bathroom and I love that print! My mom had one of these made like this when I was a kid so I think it would be great to keep up the tradition! Also, I love that you are not the pink, pink, pink girl mom! I'm all about lavender and navy and gray for my little one!

  4. I love the colors!!! and the "O" hanging! great job!!!

  5. Adore! Love that it's not all pink, pink, pink and I am obsessed w/ NAVY!

  6. Navy is a favorite color so naturally I am in love with this bathroom. I especially like the 'O' hanging between the mirrors - in that covered in newspaper?

    1. It is! It's the Boston Globe from the day she was born.

  7. It looks beautiful! Great job :) Love the silhouette!

  8. ummmmm i LOVE those striped decals!! I may have to look into those for our downstairs bathroom!! And the silhouette is beautiful!

  9. LOVE the decal wall! It turned out so great!

  10. Love how you redid her bathroom!! It will look adorable with her new raspberry & navy toddler room. The silhouette is the perfect addition.

  11. Such a fun bathroom! :) Love the color scheme. And that little silhouette is the most precious thing ever.

  12. Her bathroom is absolutely beautiful! Thanks again for another wonderful post, this is such a great idea for a little girls bathroom. Also, LOVE the decals, those seem way better than trying to paint! You're great as always!

  13. Love the bathroom makeover! I have never seen those decals before, but I will definitely have to look at Target the next time I'm there!! Great job!!

  14. Really cute for the nursery!

  15. That is amazing! I would not have ever imagined sheet decals like that if you hadn't shown the wrinkled part! Love how chic this bathroom is with just a couple of add-ons!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  16. This is such a great idea for the bathroom! I would love to do something like this for my girls.

  17. I love it! I'm painting my powder room a dark navy blue! Where's that blue and white picture from?

  18. Perry's bathroom needs a major makeover and this print would be so perfect. Great job on the bathroom!

  19. I need that silhouette for my daughter - love it!


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