10 Random Photos

Because I feel like it would be rude to just throw a blank screen on here this morning, I'll type. But my heart's not in it. 
Or my brain. 
I'm out of excuses for my lack of creativity too (husband being back and all), so apologies from the bottom of my Starbucks loving little heart.

Serendipitously, Steph (aka my cross country other half) was suffering a similar mental blog block, so we're teaming up to bring you a whole lotta random today. 

The parking lot in our living room.

This kid has got to learn how to relax.

The world's most amazing top for date night that I can't wait to talk to you about on Friday.

Judging the crap out of the neighbor girls. Twelve year olds think they're so cool.

Prepping for a weekly WC FaceTime meeting with Steph.

A rare straight hair day.

I couldn't have picked this magazine up quicker if they'd changed the name to "Megan".

If you've made it this far, you deserve a medal. 



  1. I love the parking lot in your living room!

  2. random is good! i am going to go get that magazine asap! thanks!

    btw, i used to eat chapstick when I was like 5-6?? it smelled so good!

  3. Love those little pigtails and kitty ears. Your random is adorable and looks pretty nice to me :)

  4. Haha! I do random picture posts sometimes, too. Love the straight hair day pic, those are rare for me too. And we have MULTIPLE parking lots in our house, with four toddlers and all, it's inevitable. Have a good week!


  5. This is hilarious! :) And it must be the change of seasons, because the blogging curse/writer's block is running rampant. I'm having such a hard time lately, too. Love your blouse! I need one just like that, but I need it for Friday. I guess I'll have to find another one.

    P.S. What would these girls do without so many toys with wheels? Same parking lot problem in this house, too.

    1. Hey, love.
      The top is the wrap-front top from Old Navy, go online and see if they have it in a store near you to try on before Friday. :)

  6. I need that magazine in my life! My house is out of control.


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