Weekend Photos

Honestly, this feels like one of those posts where I should just post photos and no words, because our weekend was seriously that uninteresting. Why blog about it then? Because it's what we do around here - document the mundane. Don't tell me you didn't know this wasn't the most interesting place on the internet? Well now you do.

I spent a lot of time working in my slowly progressing office, getting caught up on orders, getting the Fall items finalized, stealing ribbon back from Liv, and overall just getting the shop ready to close up for our trip. 

I'm obsessed with these big black and white close ups of some of my favorite pieces, and sometimes I throw a flower crown on myself. Just for fun. Pretty sure even the toddler gives me the side eye for that one.

We're the epitome of lazy during weekends and just rotate through our favorite restaurants for meals, which means most meals are eaten on the couch, glam style. This Greek salad from Zoe's Kitchen is my favorite...they put red potatoes at the bottom, which I know sounds weird but I promise it's amazing.

Super fancy coffee runs and good hair days. Obviously. Plus a trip to Veronika's like almost every Saturday night. Let me just say that just the drive over there on its own is therapeutic. As much as I love my little person, not having to buckle a car seat, getting to sing my tunes an an ear splitting level, and not having to retrieve lost/dropped/spilled items from the back seat is a nice change. It's the little things, people. 

I spent the majority of yesterday trying to get packed. I love/hate packing. I love that it means an exciting trip, hate that it means having to do laundry first and put together outfits in advance. We have a rehearsal dinner, wedding, and family photos while we're in Maine so I couldn't just get away with yoga pants and jeans this time. Serious bummer.

Olivia "helped". By "helped" I mean tried on all my shoes and camped out in the suitcase. It's kind of hilarious to come around the corner and see her just sitting in there with 3 or 4 stuffed animals. But hey, do your thing, girl.

I'm guessing you all did something a little more interesting, and I'm jealous! Hope your week is off to a great start and that you get to lip-sync the crap out of some tunes this morning while you drive.


  1. Don't you love a little helper? Even though it may take longer to get somethings done with a helper, they are too darn cute and sweet!! And I know what you mean about packing -love it and hate it all at the same time. I hope you have a fun trip!

    1. I do! I think what I like most is that she's interested in what's going on and wants to add her two cents, like "here, Mom, I got this".

  2. it's not boring....because there are nosey nellies! everywhere! so a sneak peak inside someone elses weekend...is interesting!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. have you lip synced to the megan trainor song?? all about that bass. LOVE. IT.
    And love those black and white photos! :)


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