Summer Favorites

This has been just an awesome Summer. Livia's so much fun, the weather is awesome, and honestly anything is great compared to last Summer. We'd just moved to Texas and were sweating our butts off, not to mention we were just plain miserable, homesick, and stressed out. Cheery, right? Anyway, this Summer has been infinitely better and we're loving it. Clearly.
She randomly breaks into spastic interpretive dance moves. We just go with it.

As we roll full steam ahead into August and out of Summer in the next month or so, I thought it might be fun to put together a little collection of my favorite things from this Summer.
Everything from clothes to food and beauty products to swim gear, because it's always nice to have a reference for next year and because I like to think of these posts as chats with my girlfriends. You know, where we sit down and dish about our favorite stuff lately. We're sharing over virtual coffees, obviously.

First up, the outdoor stuff:
swimsuit | hat (sold out at Old Navy - similar here and here | sunscreen | bite stick | insect repellent

I've already talked about this swimsuit, but it's awesome. I wish I'd had this all Summer, but since I'll be wearing it for the next several, it's all good.  This panama hat has been a staple, both by the pool or just on dirty hair days. It keeps my pasty face nice and shaded and saves me time styling in the morning, so I obviously can't get enough.

Yes, this is a close up of a mosquito bite remedy. Hear me out.

The mosquitoes here are brutal, just brutal. The bug spray I'm liking is safe for little ones, and thankfully doesn't smell, at all, but the bugs get us anyway. This Bite MD stick is kind of incredible and a top five favorite for the Summer.
I'll itch my legs raw, so it's more for me than the toddler (go figure) but it really takes away the itch. I know it's not a glamorous beauty item or anything, but I don't consider huge swollen bug bites to be a good look, so there ya go.

Not pictured is this Lifejacket that's allowing Liv to swim like a fish. A fish who likes to drink all the pool water. Seriously, all the water. We've stopped saying "kick, kick, kick" and started saying "close your mouth".

In terms of hair and makeup, I've tried to dial it back a little this summer and give my hair and skin a little bit of a break. They're thanking me and will surely rebel come Fall and Winter, but that's a real problem for another time.
BB Cream | Mascara | Setting Powder | Primer | Lipstick

For makeup, I'm loving just some primer to keep my BB cream on, and then some mascara and a bright lip. I was always afraid of bright lips and realized they didn't look good on me since I always had pretty heavy eye makeup and it was just too much for my face. Since my makeup's been simpler, the bolder colors are really pretty and wake up my face a little bit. Ben Nye's Banana Powder sets it and locks it - locks it down good, get on this stuff ladies.

In terms of hair, it's braids all the way. So many braids, so many reasons to love 'em. They keep my bangs under control while they grow out (why oh why did I ever get bangs??) , they keep my hair off my neck in 100 degree heat, and save me time after washing. I don't think I've blow dried my hair in a month and it's such a nice change. I just let it air dry and then braid it in the morning. I've never been so low maintenance. It's a little unnerving.

I know this is a stupid amount of car selfies.
 I knew I was going to want to talk about braids on here and wanted to document them, but asking Ryan to photograph my hair daily wasn't something I was going to ask. 1. I'm nowhere near photographable when he's here in the morning (lucky him) and 2. when he gets home it's a flurry of dinner, diapers, and finally, decompressing so I don't want to ask him to play photographer after a 12 hour day. 

Now let's talk about shorts. I hate them.
These and these have changed my mind though. The boyfriend shorts from Old Navy are the perfect distressed denim and I went up a couple sizes to get the slouchy fit I wanted. The linen shorts are so so comfortable and long enough that bending over isn't risky. In Texas you've got to get on board with shorts so I'm grateful I found these pairs or I'd be sweating in jeans.

Finally (and yes, I have to include this), snow cones. We're obsessed. Yum, red dye. The snow cone place near our house has zero calorie snow cones sweetened with Stevia and they're heaven. After a hot day, it's so nice to cool off  by the pool with some zero calorie deliciousness. It's totally possible that we'll keep eating these in December.
What are you all loving this Summer?


  1. I hate shorts too but we really need them in Charleston. I need to try those ones from Old Navy because thats more like my budget! I also really wish I could do cute braids like that with my hair, it just doesn't work with my curls. Looks like such a great summer for your family!! Olivia's dance moves look like mine :)

    1. I hope you love them! I'm just not a shorts fan, but I'm trying hard to learn. Thank goodness for Old Navy! Liv's dance moves are epic so I'm sure yours are too!

  2. I love braids too, although my hair is pretty fine so they don't look at great as yours!! And that bite stick is actually genius. Never heard of that... but my mosquito bites take forever to go away because I scratch them constantly. It's awful! Mmmm snow cones!!

    1. If you want your braids to look thicker, try using some dry shampoo before you braid and before you put an elastic in the end, gently tug at the braid to loosen it up and make it look thicker!

  3. Love your hair! It is always looking flawless :)

    Also I use that BB cream too and love it! It was a recent find from another blogger!

    1. Thanks! I've been using this BB Cream for at least 2 years - it's my absolute favorite!

  4. love the shorts!! I may have to look into those and the BB cream for the rest of the year although I would much rather be shopping for fall clothes :)!!

    1. I love Fall clothes too! The BB cream is my absolute favorite, hopeful you'll try it and love it!

  5. Oh man, I hate shorts too! But living in Australia is pretty darn hot so you just have to make peace with them lol. I definitely think a slouchy/slightly longer look is the go! Its winter here at the moment so I'm loving hearing about summer time :) Lucy


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