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I woke up yesterday convinced it was Thursday, so I feel a little discombobulated today. That's an occupational constant as a stay at home mom - my days are just one big blur of coffee, gym, diapers, snacks, books, magnets on the floor, ten minute hand washings sessions, the word "no", and some seriously sweet toddler kisses until Ryan is home and I know it's the weekend. 

We're gearing up to go to Maine again next week and trying to wrap up some DIY projects around the house, so I've been a bad blogger and don't have anything planned for you today. Thus, a post about some random stuff - I'm sorry for you, I really am.

Firstly, Olivia's suddenly developed a hatred for Hobby Lobby.

Literally the second we walk through the door, she screams "NO!" and then proceeds to be on her worst behavior for the duration of our trip. I've started going at night after she's asleep because I'm weak and it's just not worth it. I have absolutely no clue what it is about that store, but she's not feeling it. Gotta respect that.

On the other hand, she's obsessed with water. Any form of it. That means our mornings are spent sitting in the sink, our afternoons washing hands, and our evenings watering flowers.

Secondly, I decided it would be a good idea to paint Olivia's horrible little Jack 'n Jill bathroom. It wasn't.

I have carpel tunnel from all the trim (3 doors, plus cabinets and sinks) in that tiny little space, but it's coming. There are no windows in that room so I figured lots of white would help brighten it up. I'm going for white with navy accents in case she shares this space with a little brother someday and hope my dad will help us rip up the rug and put down tile this Fall when he visits. Which brings me to: who puts carpet in bathrooms?? Who?!

Ryan had to go out of town one night last week which always lends itself to a cleaning/organizing bender on my part.

This one was closet organizing and ours needed it desperately. We took 8 bags to Goodwill when it was all said and done and I'm anxious to take another whack at our stuff. We have old college t-shirts in there and all kinds of other junk we don't wear, so the occasional purge feels awesome.

 There's so much more I want to do in here, like replace the awful fluorescent light and make that whole back wall into cubes on the bottom for more storage, but it's a start.

Finally, we celebrated Ryan's birthday on Monday and these balloons have been a total hit in our house.

I think they should just remain a permanent part of our living room.

We didn't do anything big, just Mexican food, ice cream cake, and a card Olivia made for Ryan. She's better at it than me.


  1. My toddler has the same hatred of Country Road (our version of J Crew in Oz) ... Probably scarred from the hours spent in there as a baby.
    Good luck with the bathroom project - carpet in a bathroom? They clearly didn't have a toddler to bath!

  2. I never understood carpet in the bathroom. We went to look at a house that had it and them quickly saw that they never had it installed but laid it on top of the tile. If you had tile why in the world would you put carpet (pink carpet too) on top of it?!? Noah is obsessed with water too! Have a great (and water filled) weekend!

  3. My son does the same thing at my favorite bistro in our town! Lol they know what they do and don't like no problems. Loving the water pictures, too sweet!

  4. Can't wait to see the bathroom makeover! I have thought many times about painting my kid's jack-and-jill bathroom, as well as the laundry room and some cabinets. But clearly that's as far as I've gotten. One day I'll be brave...

    1. It's such a project! Hoping it will be all done soon :)

  5. Have to ask, where do you store all your misc things? My walk-in ends up being the place to store boxes if old photos, college papers, etc.. All the things we'd rather not put in the attic or cellar.

  6. I'm so proud of Olivia for hating Hobby Lobby. She must know somehow that they are politically incorrect. LOL.


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