Guest Post: Fun with Food

My attempts at crafty mom often fall short, but thank goodness for Instagram and its ability to let me live vicariously through moms who've mastered the art of fun food. Bree started as an Etsy customer, turned insta-friend who has the sweetest babe just about Olivia's age. After seeing some of her fun and healthy breakfast creations, I asked her if she'd guest post for me so you all could be inspired by her, rather than bored by me. Thankfully, she said yes.

Hi everyone! I'm Bree, momma to a sweet 22 month old babe named Peyton and blogger over at

I'm so honored that Megan asked me to guest post about some of my favorite breakfast ideas for little ones.

Whoever said you can't play with your food doesn't live in our house ;) When it comes to feeding Peyton, I try and make meal time fun for her/us. She is one busy little toddler who enjoys building with blocks, loving on her baby dolls and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; breakfast better be worth taking a break from playing!

Most of the meals and snacks I make are from ideas that I've found on Pinterest. I still can't believe people ever lived without it. I will usually change up a few foods depending on what P prefers and what we have in the kitchen.

Simple & easy is my style. We all know how fast a hungry toddler can get you moving! Here are five of our favorite 'fun' breakfasts. They take just a few minutes to put together.

Sunshine: An orange slice, Kix cereal, blueberries & a strawberry

Ice Cream: A waffle, slices of bananas & a raspberry on top ;)

Peanut Butter Bear: Whole wheat toast, peanut butter, bananas & blueberries (I've also seen it made with oatmeal)

Watermelon Slice: White toast, strawberry spread, raisins & green grapes - we cut them up before eating

Fruit Flag: Watermelon, bananas & blueberries (perfect for Labor Day weekend!)

These fun breakfasts are worth every second of making when you see your little one's face light up (and a plate that's fully cleared) Everyone wins in my book! ;)

You can also follow us on Instagram (breegale) Thanks so much for letting us share, Megan!


  1. So cute! Though I feel like I'm scrambling to get food on the tray before he has a meltdown some times lol ;)

    1. haha, been there! I finally started getting up before her and getting her breakfast ready ahead of time,but it's not a perfect system (ahem, snooze button).

  2. So cute! I've never even thought of making every day breakfast food look so cute! Though it may be, like Meghan, because I'm scrambling to put something on the plate to satisfy the starving boy pulling on my leg. ha. Also, Is that all she eats for breakfast/snack? I feel like my little guy eats five times that. yikes!

    1. I can't speak for Bree, but I wish Olivia would eat that much! She's not a great eater, but if she was, I'd probably put a yogurt on the side, some oatmeal, or something else to help her get full once the fun food was gone. Our picky eating days continue *sigh*

  3. These are all so cute! I wish I had the time to do these! My kids would tear them apart before they were even finished!

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  4. That peanut butter bear is sooo adorable!

  5. These are great options for little ones! I'm def going to try these out on my little guy.


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