I'm finally, finally getting the hang of our DSLR camera or as I call it, the fancy camera. Like "Ryan, where's the fancy camera?". I love using my iPhone but for the shop it just doesn't cut it, so I've been learning my way around manual mode on my Canon.

One of the best parts of learning how to use this feature is the detail shots I can take of our home, Willow Crowns items, and Olivia. As she gets older, I feel less and less like sharing full on photos of her face online. It's a fine line with blogging, isn't it?  I always ask Ryan before I post a photo of him on here, so I feel like maybe I should be extending the same courtesy to Olivia? 

Would she want to see all these photos of herself? I don't know, I feel conflicted, so I've decided that while I'll share photos of her face from time to time in family photos, or special moments, I'm going to try to focus on showing photos that capture her age, her energy, and her spirit in a way that protects her a little better. 

Does that make any sense at all? Are you all thinking "okay, crazy."? If so, it's ok, I tend to be a rambler on the best of days.

The great part about this is that it also gives me a chance to work on capturing little details I want to remember, like how small her hands were (despite their ability to grasp a shocking number of fruit snacks), how much hair we thought she had (when she was practically bald just a few months ago), or how the girl can rock 13 bracelets at one time (go ahead, count 'em) like it ain't no thang.

We did a fun little painting project yesterday and while she was destroying everything in sight, I took literally five minutes to take some detail shots that I want to share.

I'm having the best time playing around with what parts I want focused vs. blurred out, and what angles I take the photos from. It's also making for much better photos overall because I'm not posing her, prodding her, or trying to get her to look a certain way (helloooo, stage mom) and she gets to have fun and I get some great memories out of it. It also takes a fraction of the time and that wins me over right there.

Don't worry, though. I won't be using the fancy camera all the time, so the incredible quality, highly filtered iPhone images you've all come to expect from me will still be the norm around here. 

Phew, right?

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