Loving Lately

Friday, Friday... I don't know the rest of that song...

Interestingly enough (or maybe not), Ryan does. This was a total surprise to me but I digress. It's Friday so let's talk about things worth loving!

1. My Lifeproof Case

Olivia throws this thing around all. day. long. It hasn't broken (miraculously) and protects against spilled beverages of all varieties (thankfully) as well as an accidental trip into the toilet (she thinks anything within arms reach goes in there, not just toilet paper). They're much slimmer than other industrially protective cases so I can still fit it in my back pocket, where it lives most of the time. I'm in favor of renaming them Toddlerproof cases, which is really more impressive than Lifeproof if you think about it. 

2. Fresh Flowers

I do not have a green thumb. I over or under water, I don't get the ratio of sunlight correct, I kill them all. That doesn't stop me from buying them and scattering them all through my house, though. I'm especially loving the aqua mason jars from Target's dollar aisle as vases.

3. Liv's New Words

We've got the standard words down (mama, dada, keeee (kitty), baby, etc.) but she said "darbax" the other day. Loosely translated, that's Starbucks. It's either super cute or a sign that I'm going there too much. Maybe both? We're also getting "bububu" for bubbles and balloon and something close to "maammoowwoo" for marshmallow. We think she's a genius. 

4. Sandal Weather

These gold beauties came in the mail the other day (whoops) and I'm wearing them around the house if we're not outside. They just make me feel like summer and serve as a harsh reminder of how pale my feet are. Casper for the win!

5. Tiny Ice Cream Cones

I picked up *four* boxes of these at Trader Joes. I know that comes across as a little crazy, but I'm on too much of a sugar high to mind. These are the perfect little taste of chocolate and ice cream and at 70 calories a pop it's okay if you want six two.


  1. Darbax.. lol That is too funny. I love the sandals! This has felt like the longest winter. It needs to be Spring already! Love those aqua mason jars too.

  2. Love that the baby is saying "darbax" lol and yes mama it's a sign you go too much. How do I know that? Well I go a lot to probably an unhealthy amount and my little one says "I wan starbucks mama" when ever she sees a starbucks or a target because they have them in there too lol Starbucks lovers unite !! lol

  3. Those aqua mason jars are perfect. And "barbax" that is hilarious! We call Starbucks "bux" so I'm sure its only a matter of time before Avery starts repeating it. Yay for little mini Starbucks lovers ;) lol

  4. sweet baby girl...love her new words! And I think I need some of those tiny ice cream cones...the perfect after dinner treat!

  5. Don't feel bad, my daughter associates Target with getting a drink. These little ones pick up on EVERYTHING apparently. -Xo Amanda


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