A Look at 2014

2014 was a total blur if I'm being honest. 

I feel like I was back in Maine for Christmas last year like it was yesterday, not a year ago. It was a year of personal growth for me, both as a mother and as my own person. This was the first real year for Willow Crowns and I struggled to find a balance between growing a business, something I love more than I ever expected, and being a stay at home mom, which I'd never want to give up. The dynamic between a stay at home parent and a work outside the home parent is a tough one sometimes and when you add in a high energy toddler and my trying to navigate small business waters, it was tough sometimes. We found a good balance that's working (so far!) and are ready to tackle 2015 with more goals for our family, my business, and our home.

Here's a quick look back at 2014. We've got hair, home decor, gratuitous toddler pics, and everything in between.

As for 2015, I don't know what it will hold for us. We keep tossing around the idea of baby #2 and while we're not quite there yet, a year is a long time so who knows. We're also tossing around the idea of new floors and a kitchen renovation, so we could be busy. I am so excited to keep growing WC and continuing to navigate the tumultuous waters of toddler parenthood.

As for resolutions? I'm looking to increase my water to Diet Dr. Pepper ratio, maintain every other week date nights with hubby, and try to find creative and meaningful ways to spend my time with Olivia. 

I hope you all have a safe, happy, and healthy 2015. Thank you so much for being part of this year.


Cold Weather Favorites

Living in Texas we obviously don't deal with "cold" weather so much as "cool" weather, but when we visit Maine it's a whole different ball game. A good coat is obviously a must have for spending time in New England in the Winter, but there are a few other things I've come to rely on and thought I'd share them today!

Cold Weather Favorites

vest | adult boots | kids boots | blanket scarf (40% off!) | amazing chapstick | best eczema buster in town | moisturizing spray | boot socks

Starbucks shouldn't surprise you at all. I put it on here because a hot drink is a must have for cold mornings and I love going on Starbucks runs with my mom in the morning. That 20 minute car ride seems to solve all my problems and restore my faith in the world. Powerful stuff.

Hunter boots are a total blogger cliche, I know, but with good reason. They're nice and tall (perfect for keeping snow out), waterproof (obviously), and if I can match Olivia, you know I'm all about it. Adding a pair of boot socks to these immediately converts them from the perfect rain boot to the perfect snow boot and are keeping my toes nice and warm. It's a good thing since the temps are about to drop to 19 (for the high) and when it gets that cold, my toes aren't just cold, they hurt. Liv loves her boots because she can put them on by herself and they are the only pair of shoes I packed for this trip. The girl knows what she likes.

Rounding out the clothing talk, a big 'ol blanket scarf is great and there are so many options right now. I snagged this one at Aerie for 40% off just after Christmas and it's totally been worth the $18.

Let's talk lips and skin. I'm really over the flaking makeup look, so I've been using this rosewater spritz before I apply my foundation to moisturize my skin without weighing it down with a lotion moisturizer. Baby Lips is my go to lip balm and I usually have about 6 or 7 of these rattling around in my purse or nightstand drawer.  For Olivia, I swear by the Honest Co. Healing Balm for her eczema which flares  up something fierce every time we come to Maine. It's pretty gross looking and gritty (no clue why) but it works.

So now I need to know, what are your cold weather faves?

December Camera Roll Pics

We're approaching the tail end of our trip home to Maine already and are headed to Boston Friday night so we can get up early to fly from there to Houston on Saturday morning. So these last few days we'll be cramming in a few last minute visits with family, a work day or two with Steph (have to take advantage of days when we're in the same state!), and then trying to pack as many gifts as we can and then shipping the rest! Olivia will think it's Christmas all over again when we get home and all her gifts get delivered by the Fed Ex guy!

Before we head back to Houston though, I thought I'd share some photos that have been kicking around my camera roll this month. Some are photos from my Canon that I've edited in VSCO Cam (my fave editing app) and some are from my iPhone.

Practicing juggling two while Steph and G were in town. I think I need a little more practice.

A little snap from O's second birthday party.

My new office setup. It's slowly coming together and I'm psyched to have a dedicated office computer. The coffee print is from here and the Olivia illustration from here.

Borrowed from Instagram, but boy do I love a clean house before vacation.

Selfies while we sleep, because duh.

Watching her Papa coach basketball - she totally got into the game, clapping and eating popcorn along with everyone else.

She's newly in love with painting and always says "paint, paint, paint" while she does so.

One of my favorite parts of being home is Sunday Target and Starbucks runs with my mom and sister. We used to go every single week together before Emily and I moved away and I still think of them every time I go to Target, even when I'm by myself. 

Trying out a little outfit idea for our Willow Crowns shoot that's happening on Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Our Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and even though I'm a little sad that it's over, I'm happy to be back blogging again (hopefully a little more regularly!). It was so nice to take this past week to just relax, spend time with our families in Maine, and celebrate Olivia's third (!!) Christmas. We have just under a week left in Maine and we'll be busy soaking up all the family time we can.

Our Christmas is always busy, fitting in my family, Ryan's family, and both my sets of grandparents, but I'll be sad when the day comes that we have fewer trips to make, so no complaints over here. Olivia was a champ over the course of a long day (the risk for major meltdowns was a real and present danger) and was surprisingly uninterested in gifts or opening them. She averaged about a package per hour and we finally just called time on opening gifts and did it for her.

Here's a few snaps from our day (man, that new nifty fifty lens is the bomb) and I'll be back soon with some more details about our time in Maine!

My sister, Liv, and I sported our matching Target jammies, and Liv might have stolen Santa's cookies and milk. She's not even a little bit sorry.

While at my in laws Liv went down for a nap and Ryan, my brother in law, and I started a heated game of Monopoly. Jason made a risky real estate move that screwed us both and Ryan's still riding his smug Monopoly winning high. It might take me until next Christmas to recover.

It was unusually warm for Maine and absolutely gorgeous, so we spent lots of time running around outside and putting those rain boots to good use in all the mud.

Hope your holiday was everything you wanted and that you're not feeling the post Christmas blues too badly! I was feeling a little sad it was all over, but it's nothing a quick episode of the Mindy Project (my newest obsession thanks to Steph) can't fix!


Holiday Fun

I have to admit that it absolutely has not registered with me that Christmas is one week away. The lack of snow and cold weather here in Texas is still throwing me and I'm so far behind on my shopping it's pathetic. But I've made some strides this week in terms of getting in the spirit and I'm excited to have some festive things to share with you today!

I have a few decorations up in the house and we participated in a super fun blogger gift exchange with some other fun ladies this week, so let's get into that!

 I don't usually put too many things up for Christmas since we're not actually here for Christmas Day, but a few simple decorations go a long way around here and it's been fun to turn on our Christmas Pandora and show off our horrible dance moves.

I moved our stockings from the mantel to the bookshelves with a little toddler noggin in mind and made the pom garlands with some hobby lobby poms, a needle, and white thread - so easy!

I snagged this IKEA wall hanging last year and it's the only tree we've got this year - it's perfect for the playroom and we don't have to water it.

I know this may not count as decor, but I love a flannel sheet set in the winter and these snowflake ones are just really tickling my fancy.

I left up some of Olivia's birthday party decorations since they were red and therefore Christmassy, and also because I've been too lazy to take them down.

For the gift exchange Olivia received a Doc McStuffins doctor set from Meghan and Noah which she immediately cracked open and has been rocking ever since. The doctor bag came to lunch with us yesterday, because accessories are important dontcha know.

Thanks, Meghan and Noah!

I hope you're all loving the season as much as we are and have lots of fun things planned for the next week!

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