Blog Slacker

Well, I've been blog slacking for sure.

I could give you the whole song and dance about how busy we've been, company in town, toddler tyrant is attempting every known way to make me lose my sanity, blah, blah blah, but I'll spare you my drama queen antics.

Instead, let's talk about the good stuff that's been going on! 

The weather in Houston lately has been perfection. Just warm enough (mid 70s) and sunny, and we've been getting outside as much as possible. We have a little pond with tons of turtles in it down the road and we're making almost daily trips to feed them tortillas. When they swim up to the side (of the most dingy, disgusting water ever) O loses her mind and starts screaming "TUTTLES! TUTTLES, MAMA!!" "I feed tuttles!" Every time. Tuttles never get old.

The we usually end up playing bubbles outside until Ryan gets home from work, when we'll occasionally go grab a cone. 

We had the roof on our house completely replaced this week, which was a huge load off our minds. When we bought the house we knew the roof would need replacing soon since it was a 20 year roof and the house is 20 years old, so we finally pulled the trigger and this bad boy will be good for 50 more years. High five emojis all around. Next major project? Our like 2 years.

The beautiful weather has me thinking about florals, both in and outside the house. These tulips (from the grocery store - they're awesome) last for more than a week and are making our dresser fresh and pretty. I've been miracle gro - ing my front garden like crazy and am so excited about the ivy spreading on the front of our house. It was barely there when we moved in and now it's almost covered one half of the front. I hope it keeps growing because I love it - makes me think of where we lived in Boston. 

So that's what's been going on over here. While I may be a blog slacker, my Instagram addiction remains unhealthily strong, so you can catch me over there @willowcrowns

Speaking of the 'gram, we're launching our collab with All Things Pretty with some Instagram pre orders at noon EST, so be sure to check that out!


A Little Bit of Reality

On Thursday my parents, sister, and all four of my grandparents all flew in.

Cue the happy emojis!

It was a little (lot) bit of a circus with 9 adults and one toddler running around the Houston area all weekend, but we laughed a lot, ate a lot, and only got on each others' nerves a little. 

On a day to day basis I don't really think about how far away we live (because it's not like we live in Asia or anything), but when everyone gets ready to leave, the 2,000 miles between us feels like a lot. It's a little dose of reality when the car doors close and I drive away from the airport solo. It's a sad little drive but by the next day I'm usually fine.

My entire family (both sides) lives in a 10 mile radius and spent loads of time together when I was a kid, so raising my family across the country feels a little weird sometimes. I used to consider my grandparents' homes a second residence and Liv only sees my parents a few times a year - also a weird feeling. BUT!

But thanks to technology, we're able to make it work and it's awesome. I wonder sometimes if FaceTime even registers with Olivia (we call my mom almost daily) but when she saw my mom coming up the front walk she stopped dead in her tracks and screamed "MY GIGI!!". I died.

I guess it works. 

So what's the point to the ramble?

I was glad to have them here, sad to see them go, but ok with how things are working out. 

Did I need several paragraphs to say that? Probably not, but you know we tend towards the verbose around here.

So while tomorrow will bring a sad little dose of the reality of living away from them, I'll be relishing the memories of my dad swimming in the pool with Liv and teaching her to jump off the side, the big (and noisy) family breakfasts, the shopping and laughing with my mom, sister, and grandmothers, and overall just how special it was to all be together, and in Texas no less! 

And since I did a spectacularly poor job of taking photos, here's my favorite one from the weekend. My mom, sister, and Liv tend to stick together like a blonde little cluster when they're together and I caught them reading books and teaching Liv to fist bump on Friday night. 

Weekend Photos

All our weekends seem to go by fast, but especially when we're working around the house! Ryan's building the entertainment center for his office and I painted the cabinets in our bathroom (since I totally screwed them up the first time), gave the lamps in our master a little makeover, and painted the console table in our entryway. We had lots of coffee runs, meals out, and play time with the nugget too, so here's a few photos of our weekend fun!

dress (wearing as a tunic) | bag | earrings from Target

tee from Old Navy | sweater

I had to grab a pic of these while she slept (since taking them off wasn't going to happen) because she chose them herself at Target a couple of weeks ago. I'm not a Birkenstock fan but can't say the same for my daughter, apparently.

This entryway table was the first piece of furniture we bought as a (poor) married couple so even though I wasn't loving the dark wood and it's probably only worth $30, I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. Nothing half a dozen coats of paint can't fix, right?

This lamp makeover was so easy that it's a DIY even I could manage. I used some gold spray paint we had in the garage to coat the lamp posts we've had for years and two $16 white shades from Target and voila. Brand new lamps.

We got our standard Tex Mex meal, and while Ryan and Liv spent some quality time in Home Depot (Ryan's favorite thing to do with her is go walk around there, just the two of them), I snuck in a quick mani.

We have another busy week ahead and I'm super excited for Wednesday's Tid Bits event at the Galleria - hope to see some of you local ladies there!


Loving Lately

1. Easy hair days

Wake up. Brush. Moroccan oil on the ends. This hat from Target. Done.

2. Adorable Tennis Shoes

Comfortable, easy to chase kiddos in, and gold so it's a no brainer.

3. Scallops

Liv is going to wear this for some photos in a couple weeks and I can't wait. The scallops kill me.

4. These jeans 

I've been wanting to splurge on some J Brand skinnies for years and finally pulled the trigger. These look black in the glam fitting room selfie I have going on, but they're dark blue. I figured the dark color would hide stains better, and they were crazy flattering. I got the mid rise skinny and highly recommend!

5. Fun for Instagram

So someone over at Tidbits Houston was feeling super generous because I was nominated as a Houston It Girl of Instagram....let's not tell them they made a mistake. Long story short, I got to go play at Neiman Marcus and style four looks for a runway show that's happening at the Houston Galleria next Wednesday night! You can vote for me here and check out more details about the event. If you're local, I hope you can make it and come hang out with me and four other awesome Houston ladies (seriously, their Instagram feeds are addictive and those ladies have style)!

A Week of Wear

Back for another round of immaculately documented outfit details! 

The weather in Texas has been weird lately. Mostly chilly and rainy but with some occasionally gorgeous days thrown in, so my outfits have been a little all over the place. I'm sticking to my uniform of skinny jeans/leggings with loose tops, flats or sneakers, and layering a utility jacket and scarves for the cooler days.

scarf | sweater (wrinkles and tiny bit of mashed up banana not included)

For the days when it's pouring I don't even bother with hair - it's a total waste. I love this  FEED projects hat from their collaboration with Target last year. It's perfectly broken in and each FEED purchase donates money to those in need.

jacket | denim | old target flats | bag | sweatshirt (similar)

These are necklaces I've been wearing daily. I bought the O disc before I had Olivia and have worn it every since. Just this last week bought the open circle because I love how delicate it is and knew it would be a perfect layering piece! Both necklaces are from Mia Earrings on Etsy and you can take 20% off your purchase with the code WILLOW20

top is from Marshalls | bag

scarf (similar) | bag | shoes (similar) | jersey hoodie (that's meant as sleepwear, but I don't care)

The weather is due to improve considerably over the next week, so I'll be making the switch from flats to out, it's about to get wild around here!

From the (fancy) Camera


The past week has been in-sane. We launched our Spring collection last Monday and my cousin Kendra has been visiting, so we've been hustling with both work and fun, catching up time. Ryan spent most of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday passing a kidney stone (poor guy) and then I goofily "modeled" some stay at home chic fashions (seriously, a joke) for a morning news segment today (with a 5 am wake up call), so things were a little wacky around here.

Fortunately, Ryan is on the mend and we're back to normal for the time being, so back to blogging we go. I'm still really enjoying my new camera lens (the nifty fifty) and have managed to snap a few photos on it recently that I thought I'd share today. 

These are the little detail photos I love seeing on other blogs and it's a good way for me to practice my photography skills. Adjusting to lighting, trying different perspectives, and finding pretty little details in every day life are becoming a little more natural and I'm anxious to keep practicing.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

A Whole Lotta Crazy

Want to know what things look like around here lately?

Like bed head, booty shaking, hot mess outfit craziness.

Liv did manage to pull it together one day.

It's all good though. I have to thank you all a thousand times for an amazing Willow Crowns Spring launch. It was a record breaking day and I'll happily spend the next week in sweats filling orders, seriously.

So before the week of crazy continues, I thought you might all be dying to see some selfie snaps of my super casual outfits. I'm clearly a budding fashion blogger don't you know.

My fantastic Madewell cross body bag arrived just in time for a post office run yesterday and if it's possible, I love it even more than the cognac tote. It's small (great for times when I'm kiddo free), doesn't fall off my shoulder, and the gold monogram is the icing on the cake.

Thanks again, you ladies are seriously the best.

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