A Weekend With My Parents

My parents arrived on Friday and are flying out today, so we've enjoyed a nice, long weekend with them. Unfortunately, they have actual lives and jobs to get back to (incredibly inconvenient for me) so we'll just have to survive without them until Thanksgiving, which is thankfully just one short month away. 

We ate, we shopped, we chatted, we watched football. We laughed, had deep talks, and each gained a few pounds. Just how we like it. My parents did laundry, watched Olivia so Ryan and I could have date night, and we begged them to stay longer. 

Here's a peek at what our weekend looked like. I'll be crying into my coffee, so don't mind me.

Olivia managed to un-glue herself from my knee for at least half of her ballet class on Friday, which is a major improvement. This week our goal is not to flip out when the instructor takes away the tambourines.

We hit up City Centre (as usual) for dinner Saturday night and the weather was glorious. 

(I'm convinced these are perfect toddler shoes. They slide on, are waterproof, and light weight)

On a trip to the park, my mom convinced Liv to try the climbing wall and she hasn't looked back. 

shirt (in H & M stores) | cat ears

Lastly, here's a look at some outfits from this weekend. I'm absolutely not a fashion blogger (it's just laughable) but I always like to see what other moms/women my age are wearing so maybe you do too?

Dinner with the fam:

Drinks with Ryan : 

More dinner: (I wear dresses so my stomach has room to expand. It's strategic)

shirtdress | scarf (similar)

I hope you all had a great weekend!

You've Been Boo'd!

I've got a weekend recap planned but am saving it for tomorrow since my parents are still in town until Tuesday morning and we've got some more stuff to squeeze in together before they leave! 

Today I'm teaming up with Jennifer from Jennifer Alison Designs (the mind behind my WC logos) to bring you some Halloween fun for your kiddos! 

Our neighborhood does "booing" around Halloween time, where you randomly get a treat on your doorstep with a sign that says "We've Been Boo'd". You display the sign on your front door and you have two days to "boo" two more houses. It's super fun and I love that our neighborhood does fun things like this around the holidays! 

I wanted to do little jars (spice jars from IKEA - 4 for $3!) of candy for our "boos" and these labels from Jen are perfect! 

She's giving all of you a 50% off coupon to download these for yourself (all you need are some round labels which you can get at Target!) for less than $2. Use the code WILLOW and grab them here !

These are awesome as tags with a hole punched and some twine threaded through, or just as stickers for a sticker obsessed toddler. All of my shoes have stickers in them, so I think you know which option Liv would pick. They're ideal for treats and we're headed into the treat giving time of year!

We're hitting the pumpkin patch today and then dropping some of these off to some neighbors. It doesn't get much more October than that!

What's Up With Us

Hi Guys! I took a couple days to get (somewhat) caught up on life and now I'm back with a little update about what's been keeping us so busy...or at least not blogging.

Our company left Monday and my parents are coming on Friday which means my laundry loathing self needs to get it in gear and turn the guest room over. Steph and I have been working like crazy to more or less overhaul the WC site and get it ready for Winter pieces. In case you missed our insta announcement, Steph is officially a WC team member and I'm psyched. She's honest, full of amazing ideas, and kind of a slave driver.

Sometimes we get so tired we just have to lie down in the middle of the sidewalk.

Liv is still not very interested in talking. She'd rather cry and grunt, but hey, toddler's gonna whine whine whine, ya know? She'd rather hit the bubbles and hit 'em hard, and that's cool. The weather has been gorgeous and cool enough in the mornings to warrant a scarf before the lunch time warm up.

vest (sold out) | boots

We've been grocery shopping, stocking up at IKEA, trying to get our house to a reasonable level of clean, and Ryan's working, like always, except when he comes home early and we go for frozen yogurt which we did last night. Every one was very, very happy. Almost as happy as Olivia when she hit the sticker jackpot at Trader Joe's. 

So today I'm polishing off the small mountain of laundry that remains, finalizing our Winter collection, filming a Loving Lately video for all of you, and dragging my sorry rear to the gym. It's needed. Friday is ballet, coffee with a friend, airport pick ups, and coffee again (duh).  See you tomorrow!

Weekend Photos

We had a busy weekend with Ryan's parents in town and we're sad to see them go. Olivia loves having them here, they love spending time with her, and we love the free babysitting. I'm joking...kind of. In all seriousness, we'll miss them between now and Christmas, but we squeezed a lot into our time together. 

We took them for crepes, Tex Mex, went to the zoo, the park, and spent lots of time just chatting and catching up. They kept Olivia super busy and let me get lots of work done. I managed to squeeze in a little shopping and a visit with Veronika as well, so it was busy. 

Just before we picked them up on Friday, Olivia had her first ballet class. I'd say it went so so. She loved the bubbles at the beginning and the lollipop at the end, but was a little bit of a stage 5 clinger for the middle. We'll try again this Friday and hope she warms up.

Out to dinner with Ryan's parents Friday night in the blush version of the best top ever

We never leave the house without lipstick or Lambie

I can. not. wait. to show you what WC has in store for this buffalo check fabric. 

Ryan and I went to a fancy steakhouse Saturday night and I'm still kind of full.

If you watched my video Friday, I said I may never carry another bag or wear other shoes. Proof.

shoes | shirt (similar)

Livia wanted to climb right in with the other wild animals. 

I said "can you say elephant" and swear to you, she looked at me, laughed and said "no". 

Is "stubborn as an elephant" an expression?

Camera Skills

I mentioned a while back that I was going to work on learning my DSLR and I held true to my word! Have I mastered it? Um, no. Am I getting better at it? Oh yeah.

The primary motivation for learning the camera comes from needing to be able to take better product photos for WC, but it's been nice to capture moments from every day life in better quality too. 

As much as I love the DSLR, I'm committed to editing on my phone. I'm really loving the VSCO Cam app to help get the bright, crisp qualities I like the photos to have. 

Do I think they're super profesh? Not really, but they're a far cry from where I started so that's progress. I'm still anxious to learn more, so tips, tricks, and editing apps are welcome so hit me with 'em!
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