Willow Crowns Halloween 2016 Capsule

Thank you all so much for the very warm welcome back to blogging! I'm hoping to be back next week with a few maternity clothing must haves and another little update, but for now it's time for our Halloween capsule and I'm so excited!

This collection is launching tomorrow, Thursday September 29th at 10 am CST (11 EST, 9 MST, 8 PST) and is our take on Halloween. We kept it classic with a sweet print to center it all, shades of gray, and some fun printed leathers. We usually try to avoid being too "themey" with our holiday collections in the hopes that the items you purchase can be worn long after the season has passed and I think that's especially true of this capsule!

We'll also be restocking our sold out Stella headband and Antique clip set which went like gangbusters during our Fall launch! 

You can shop the full collection at 10 AM CST tomorrow at www.willowcrowns.com

Hope you love it like we do!

A Little Update

Well, hello!

To say I've ignored the blog over the past four months would be a laughably huge understatement.
We've had a lot going on, my attention has been in other places, and honestly, it felt awesome to take a break. 

So, what's been going on over here?

1. Work on the house

We wrapped up Ryan's office renovation (it looks SO good and he did an amazing job building nearly every piece of furniture himself), everyone got new beds which meant rooms had to be spruced (I say  "had" and we all know that's a farce), and we just keep slowwly picking away at our home to-do list. Hoping to be starting a few kitchen projects next!

2. Travel

We spent some time in Maine in May and August (for Mother's Day and my sister's baby shower) and as always, time at home is incredibly restorative. It's  really grounding to visit home and our time there is always full of happiness. It's also been full of some indecision lately. We really, really love living in Texas (much more than I had let myself expect) but as Olivia gets older we wonder if we're being selfish. If she should have more family close by. It really messes with our minds at the end of each trip, but inevitably we feel more settled once we get back to Houston. This is where we need to be right now and we're trying hard not to stress overly much about what comes next.

3. Willow Crowns

To my continuing delight, Willow Crowns continues to grow and keep me busy! I've been feeling really inspired lately and have lots of fun things planned for the next few months. Dedicating the bulk of my non-family time to the business has been really satisfying.

4. Friends

We had the best summer. Seriously, so full and good. It felt like we spent nearly every weekend at a crawfish boil, bbq, pool party, or something social. I've written before about investing in friendships this year and I've enjoyed them so much this summer. 

5. Baby

photo by Steph

Finally, I can't forget to mention that we're incredibly blessed to be 20 weeks pregnant and expecting another baby girl this winter! I feel like this could end up being a post on its own, but in an effort to save time (and your eyesight), I'll compress it here. 

After our second miscarriage in early April, we started working with a fertility specialist hoping to uncover some answers about why I hadn't been able to stay pregnant. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective!) there was no smoking gun, so to speak. They warned us that 50% of fertility issues will go unexplained, and ours did. We did however have some procedures that helped us get pregnant immediately after our testing finished and with the help of lots and lots of hormonal supplements and ultrasounds, were able to stay pregnant this time! 

Our first trimester was incredibly anxious, and I had two subchorionic bleeds, which meant a couple of weeks of bed rest, but no complications thankfully. I've been really sick but never happier. After the past year, we're really willing to deal with whatever we have to as long as she gets here healthy.

So there you go! That's where I've been and what we've been up to. With Liv back in school, I'm hoping to have more time to pop in here occasionally, but don't hold me to anything specific! If there's anything in particular you'd like to read about, please let me know. I've always got lists of beauty products, maternity items, whatever, that I want to share but sometimes think "eh, I'll just do it on snapchat", so let me know what you think!  

Willow Crowns Fall Collection

Happy Hump Day, Friends!

I can't believe how quickly the summer has gone by (and with so few blog posts, shame on me!), and that tomorrow will be September! One of my favorite ways to ring in a new month (and season) is with a new Willow Crowns collection.

I always love to blog the full collection a day in advance for a couple reasons:

1. I hate to spam you all nonstop on Instagram with so many photos of our new pieces so it's nice to have one place to show them all off.
2. The shopping gets a little crazy on launch days, especially with limited quantities and no guarantee of restocks, so I imagine it's nice to be able to see the full collection, mentally note your faves, and go into 10 am a little more organized!

One of the funny things about new collections is that by the time we get around to launching them, I'm wondering if they're any good! We started this collection in May, so after 4+ months of looking at the same fabrics, leathers, suedes (oh yeah, we're doing suede!), I can't see anything with fresh eyes anymore. What I DO know is that we really stretched this season to bring in new fabrics (hello, suede and corduroy) and incorporate beautiful colors and patterns that aren't cliched or overly holiday themed (sorry, no witch or black cat prints in our fall collection) and we're really happy with the results!

Enough talking, here's the goods!

We leaned heavily on warm rose golds, rich jades and navys, and some gorgeous sage and rose colors to round out our palette. Suede and corduroy add a cozy feel, gingham felt traditional but not overdone, and with everything from newborn headbands, to pigtail sets, to bowties, this collection has got a little bit of everything!

Shopping starts at 10 am CST (11 am EST, 9 am MST, 8 am PST) tomorrow, September 1st on the WC site

Don't forget to use the code FREESHIP50 for free shipping on orders over $50 and let us know if you have any questions at hello@willowcrowns.com ! 

Small Business Series: Mamas and Makers Market

It's time for another pop up recap, and guys, this was my favorite EVER. We participated in the Mamas and Makers market this past Sunday at the Merrill House (a super gorgeous venue) in Houston and it was an incredibly fun day.

Our friends Esther of cuteheads and Beth of Manor hosted what is hopefully the first of an annual family event and it was a blast! There were thirty vendors including those selling jewelry, children and adult clothing, skincare products, kids accessories, home decor, art, books, and greeting cards. From the minute the doors opened at 11 the place was packed with families ready to hit the bar and grab a beer or mimosa, take their kids to the face painting and cotton candy stations, and then get their shop on! 

Steph flew in for the event and I'm always so so glad to have her here because 1. any excuse to see your bestie and 2. the woman knows how to work a pop up. She knows our products inside and out thanks to countless hours managing the site and turns out that sometimes even with two of us, we had a line waiting to check out.

I always say that our customers are the best and I really believe it. We saw so many familiar faces, who've been supporting us from day one and so many little girls were walking through the door in Willow Crowns pieces which totally made me want to cry. 

Ok, on to photos!

While this was the biggest display we've done for a pop up, I wanted to keep everything on brand with blush and white colors and simple, easy to shop displays. Meredith from Cake and Confetti whipped up our gorgeous fresh floral garland which really made the display and Ryan was a huge help making the sign for us.   

We kept one table as a true "shopping" table with all the majority of our clips displayed and headbands that could be tried on. The other table displayed our special occasion pieces and a build your own clip set station. We used the middle area for our check out, storing business cards, bags, and inventory. 

So now that it's all over, my house is full of gorgeous leftover florals, our inventory is in desperate need of replenishing, and I'm pretty sure my ankles are still feeling it! All the best signs of a successful pop up!

Steph will be posting a full recap of our time together on her blog later today (including some of the amazing food we ate while she was here!) and we're already moving full steam ahead into producing our Fall collection which will be launching in less that one month on Thursday, September 1st at 10 am CST!

A Week of Wear

 We've been busy (says the broken record) so I'm still reaching for favorites sartorially speaking that are comfy and not totally inappropriate should an impromptu coffee date pop up. 

This was my choice for the Fourth of July parade which was insanely hot and mercifully short. The kiddos loved it though and I was able to pull my hair into a side braid when the humidity starting getting too crazy!

Old Crossbody | Jack Rogers Sandals | Madewell Shift | Similar Monogrammed Cap

This was for date night to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. I've been waiting for a reason to break this dress out and have it earmarked for an upcoming wedding and baby shower as well. I snagged these amazing wedges at Nordstrom Rack and while steeply discounted, are more than I'd normally shell out for a pair of shoes. I've been lusting after this particular pair for years though and I'm not sorry I went for them!

I haven't worn this officially yet, but I finally pulled the trigger on my favorite shorts in navy! Their length is appropriate for a mom on the go and when dressed up with a fun blouse and gorgeous heels, they're perfect for this Saturday's pop up. We'll be at the Pottery Barn Kids in Highland Village from 4-6!

Old Anthropologie Blouse (similar) | Madewell Shorts | LK Bennett Wedges

Willow Crowns Upcoming Events

I'm here, I'm alive!

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just the face of the blog world. It's all good really, we've just been BUSY getting ready for a very full July, planning out our Fall collection (it's going to be awesome) and planning a baby shower for my little sister! That plus our regular shenanigans, social life, oh and a kiddo who's home free for the summer have made things a little hectic around here.

So here's what we've got coming up (if you're local, mark your calendars!):

I'm so so excited to announce that we'll be live on Brickyard Buffalo a week from today and will run 7/6-7/10. We'll be selling our gold Isla headband at a discount (trust me when I say this never ever happens) and honestly, it's kind of a victory for me! When WC first started I applied to be a vendor and was denied. Womp womp. WC really wasn't where it needed to be and I know now that it showed, so to be asked to be a vendor now, when WC is nearly 3, is super gratifying, knowing that we've really come so far! So if you're just starting out, don't let little hiccups and "failures" get you down. 

Next is our Pop Up at Pottery Barn Kids in Highland Village on July 9th! They're having a nursery event from 4-6 and we'll be there with our favorite baby-friendly lace headbands and maybe even a new bow headband or two! We'll also be bringing our most popular clip sets and will have laces available in all children's sizes so stop by if you're around, we'd love to see you!

Finally for July is the Mamas and Makers market at Merrill House in Houston. We'll be one of over 30 vendors setting up shop from 11-4 pm and I'm totally excited about this. There's going to be live music, food, plenty for the kiddos to do, so please put this one on your calendar! 

A Week of Wear

We are finally enjoying some gorgeous weather here in Houston! Now that I've said that, it's obviously going to start raining, but it was good while it lasted. These are last week's selfies since this week looked a lot like sweats and shipping orders, but let's pretend. 

This was over the weekend and I'm loving these new J Crew sandals and how these blue shorts seem to end up going with everything

This is what I changed into for a boil with some friends and wish I could find it online for you! It's from the Gap Outlet and I just love it. It's super comfy and you bet it's coming back out for the 4th of July.

Gap Outlet Dress

Again, not online (ugh) but I think the Anthro romper I bought in March is still kicking around stores. It's got an elastic waistband (hello!) and it really comfortable and flattering. Basically, everything I look for in a piece of clothing.

Similar Anthropologie Romper (15% off when you download the app!)| Old Navy Bag | Badgley Mischka Sandals

I guess I wore a lot of old stuff this week, but this Wayf top was so breezy and comfy and once again, the J Crew Factory shorts are my go to summer bottom. I will absolutely be buying more colors now that they're marked down to $20!

Nordstrom Top | J Crew Factory Shorts (now $20!)| Target Sandals

Honestly, wasn't my favorite outfit this week. BUT, it matched and I didn't sweat my butt off in it. I don't know, something about it just didn't do it for me, but you can't wing them all, right?

Hope you all have awesome weekends and have some fun new things to wear!

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